Technology & Beauty Industry

When an individual makes a career choice, it is based mainly on their likes and aspirations that the individual may have nurtured for a long time, sometimes even right from an early childhood. Out of the multitude of industries and career paths, an individual would tread on a single path and strive to attain success until the time that they attain the kind of success that they aim for. Conversely, there have been cases when they jumped in an industry considering just one aspect ‘scope’ for the industry, while side lining their own ‘SWOT’ ( Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis.
With a constant churn, the avenues of career possibilities are enormous. While a number of individuals opt for a comfortable job in their chosen field, there are individuals who have an attraction towards the entrepreneurial path. These individuals need to have three things imbibed in their psyche, namely, creativity, technical expertise and service orientation.
This piece will look at the beauty industry with its scope and avenues of making it big as also some basic psychological pitfalls that an entrant is surely well advised to avoid. In fact, these psychological pitfalls can spell certain doom in any career path, it is more so in the creative field, especially since the industry although is all glam on the surface, deep down there are layers upon layers of hard work, personal sacrifices and sometimes even insults. However, if they take it with a pinch of salt, they can become stepping-stones to the future.
Beauty as an industry is but not an avenue by itself. It can and does encompass three main aspects to enhancement of personality. These are creativity, technical knowledge and service orientation. Any beauty professional merging these three aspects in their core business is assured of long-term success. Fame is then forced to follow.

In the post-modern and post-industrial age that the world is in, most categories of the bigger service oriented industries have acquired a status of being necessities rather than luxuries. The beauty enhancement industry is just an extension and a representative of that school of thought. There is a scope as wide of exploration and innovation as there are types of individuals. Gone are the days when one treatment could be sold as a ‘one solution fits all’ or ‘elixir to problems’ treatment.

These days innovation and change have become the buzzwords of any industry. The beauty industry is not far behind. In fact, this industry should be mentioned as a forerunner, nay a trendsetter for many others to follow.

It is a truth of life that the famous adage ‘Every coin has two sides’ or ‘Overdone is Undone’ captures in its entirety. With the advancements in the information technology industry, people who are not even remotely associated with the glam world have access to what happens in the most private entry banned aspects of celebrities. In such a scenario, people are not just privy to the new look of a celebrity, but also to some mishaps that a celebrity may have suffered as a direct consequence of a particular beauty treatment.

Hence, it is always a good advice given to limit the use of artificial feature enhancers that may lead to either disfigured faces or misshaped breasts or even death due to overdoing a beauty treatment.