Technology Meets Sexology

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Technology Meets Sexology, SeekytAchieving Your Techgasm with Brand New Toys!

Sex has changed. If you blinked you may have missed it – sex toys are cool. For the longest time the purchase of sex toys was a discreet and hush hush business, nowadays we have a variety of well-known sex shops trading in the high street. We’re reluctant to give any direct credit to a certain erotica novel, but in all fairness, kinky and sexy is in.

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And in the mean time, whilst people have been surreptitiously buying their toys online and from sex shops with blacked out windows, the entire industry has come into its own. Sex toys aren’t just made of cheap rubber anymore, they are designed to feel authentic and robust. They are pieces of art.

Technology of course has played its part in helping to form the materials for these toys, but it’s also provided the sex industry with some incredible upgrades, such as those found in the teledildonic Vibrating G-Spot Egg which allows your partner to control your climax both with precision and from a distance.

Hmmm, Upgrades

There was, for a time, concern that upgrading from normal sex to sex with toys would only leave couples wanting more and more and that there was only so far that sex toys could take you, but recent developments prove that there is no need for concern – as our sexual appetite grows, so does the inventory of different toys that provide.

We started out with lingerie and kinky costumes, we played with different positions and, on occasion, even experimented with food. Then came the toys such as vibrating dildos like the Ultra Tech 5000 and butt plugs, stimulation gels and, if we were feeling particularly kinky, whips and chains.

Now we’re looking at a new generation of sex toys. Toys that can fulfil fantasies that you didn’t even know you had. You can now experience various levels of your own sexuality and adventure beyond your current sexual know how with a diverse range of affordable items. Whatever your desire, there are options for everyone.

Getting Your Techgasm

Cybersex used to be about hitting up a forum on MSN and talking nasty to someone that was probably not quite who they said they were. Now there are virtual sexual toys that allow you to engage in what is likely the closest thing you can get to real, feel-everything, sex. Technology is wonderful, isn’t it?

Of course you don’t have to use the internet to have a good time, and not everything that comes with technology means dealing with disembodied penises (or, you know, any other piece of the human anatomy). It is entirely possible to use full-on technological toys alongside your partner and reap the benefits of extraordinary sex. With various strap-ons dildos that come with a number of moving parts and vibrator settings, before long, we’ll be having sex with fully operational robots, no doubt. Until then why not make the most of multifunctional tools like the angry-looking Dual Tech Strapon Rabbit?

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Technology Meets Sexology, Seekyt
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