Technology Networking Events – The Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club is an independent company that works with the technology sector. For the past eleven years, the business has produced a wide range of services and events including executive coaching, master classes, business to business events and special briefings.

The company hosts nine events each year based in the central London vicinity. The evenings enable executives to meet each other and discuss their experiences and views in a neutral environment. The events are usually busy and attract a wide range of people from different areas including; people from the public sector, directors at venture capital companies and senior executives at large companies.

CEO of The Chemistry Club, Mark Simon and his team regularly run networking master classes aimed at senior executives. The business has built a wealth of knowledge during the past eleven years and are experts in networking.

Networking has become a recognised professional skill and something all senior executives should be trained in. Some people pick up the skill naturally while others have difficulty. However, even confident networkers can benefit from development and further training in this area. The Chemistry Club’s master class programme has been developed with leading specialist trainers and is fully CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited.

The Chemistry Club master classes cover every aspect of face-to-face networking and equip executives with a toolkit of vital skills. The one day course teaches individuals how to quickly remember names, how to prepare for business events, ways to feel at ease instantly and how to use proactive listening skills. The master class also teaches individuals how to read basic body language, break into and out of a conversations, proven methodologies for following up and techniques to hone your message.

The Chemistry Club’s classes are available to members and the wider community but are subject to availability. The courses rates are available on request.

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