Technology Today and EMF Protection

Technology Today and EMF Protection

The alarm on your cell phone goes off. It’s time to wake up. You check the messages and emails that you have on your phone. You get ready for work, grab some breakfast while you turn on your wireless television, and read the newspaper on your tablet device. On your commute to work, it’s time to make phone calls to clients and colleagues on your wireless Bluetooth set. At work you check your emails, type reports, and do more work on your laptop. When it’s time for lunch, you decide to go out to eat with your coworkers, but there are still messages on your phone to respond to. Even when work is over and you step into your home, the electronics aren’t shut off. Perhaps you unwind after your day of work by listening to music with wireless headphones, or by playing a video game on your laptop, or by watching television. Even when you go to sleep, something is on: your television, your phone, your computer. You don’t notice it, but there is an electric light blinking and a hum somewhere; electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is being released into the air constantly. It is making you tired and causing health concerns you do not even realize yet, but this can all be fixed with EMF protection.

More and more studies have been coming out showing that our online, 24/7, technology-connected society could be putting our health at risk. The use of laptops, tablets, cell phones and other electronic devices that can receive a Wi-Fi or wireless connection can release EMR and heat radiation. EMF protection through EMF shields is a simple, easy to use way you can protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation. You might wonder why you need EMF protection from your laptop or tablet device such as an iPad. Perhaps you feel you are perfectly healthy. What can a laptop really do? Well studies have shown that placing electronic devices in close proximity to the human body, such as having a laptop directly on your lap, can lead to issues like infertility, sperm DNA fragmentation, Toasted Skin Syndrome, burns, rashes, fatigue—and in some cases, even worse health conditions.

Electronics like laptops can get really hot. You may have been working with a laptop on your lap and been able to feel the laptop get hotter and possibly even burn your skin (that’s Toasted Skin Syndrome). Effects like these are easy to notice, but we think of them as inconsequential in the long run; they are not. It’s like the analogy of a child putting his hand on a hot burner; he notices it’s hot, and takes it off, but by then the damage is already done. EMF protection will shield you from harmful EMR while keeping the laptop cool. This will improve your comfort and also reduce your future health risks.

Taking chances on our health and well-being is unnecessary. We might need to use technology, but we don’t need to let it make us sick. Protect yourself today.

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