Teeter 550 Vs 560: Comparing the EP-550 & EP-560

550 or 560 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will be briefly comparing two premium yet quite similar inversion tables from Teeter — EP-550 Vs EP-560 — that will be broken up into two parts: firstly highlighting what the key differences are between the two inversion tables & then secondly an overview of the common features & aspects they both share.

What’s the Difference Between the Teeter 550 and 560?

  • The first aspect is to do with the ankle lock system, the EP-560 comes with ergo embrace supports (x2) which are basically foam cups that actively distribute weight from the foot to improve comfort (it can be adjusted through the dial mechanism) — whereas the EP-550 doesn’t offer such a feature.
  • Another is to do with the different bed support design. The 550 is fitted with FLEX technology, that basically allows you to reach your max stretching potential, whereas the 560 is integrated with advanced ComforTrak that offers max comfort and ‘enhanced joint mobilization’
  • The assistance handles are also slightly different as well. The EP-560 offers stretch assist handles (built in inversion grips) so you have more variation in your stretching capabilities whereas the EP-550 has standard rubber ergonomic grip handles.
  • The only real other major difference between the Teeter 550 and 560 is to do with the main shaft finish options: the EP-550 has a Triple-Plated Chrome with Embossed Height Markers in comparison to the EP-560 that has Powder-Coated (scratch resistant) with Silk-Screen Height Markers.

Teeter EP-550 and EP-560 Overview

Apart from the four factors above, everything else about the 550 and 560 inversion tables is pretty much identical (except for its design and finish). All inversion tables have been independently quality-assured, tested to the ‘highest standard’, one of the reasons why Teeter is easily considered the ‘#1 Rated Inversion table brand‘.

Practical Aspects & Features

With regards to specifics, the rest pad has been made with an ‘optimum decompression surface‘ allowing for minimal friction and hindrance in getting the best possible stretch, designed with a no tear nylon cover (which is also nice and easy to clean). They also come with a lumbar pillow that can be placed at the lower end to help provide that added support for your lower back. The tables are also designed to be home friendly and practical hence can be folded up compactly & then easily stored away.

Inversion Therapy Performance

Teeter inversion tables also offer precision balancing (superior to other competing brands) which allows you a better quality oscillation in turn promoting better blood and fluid circulation in and around your body (you can alter your level if incline through the tether strap provided). It also makes sure you are fully secure when you are exercising & stretching through a range of unique security locks and being based on an A frame to keep you from sliding or toppling over.

Sport Versions

You may come across sport versions of the 550 and 560 (i.e the 550s and 560s), these are basically the same tables but offer attachments such as hang ups and other modifications to allow it to essentially double as a piece of gym equipment as well. When you buy either the 550 or 560, you will also get a DVD offering you expert advice on how to use your inversion table to get the most optimum health benefits & results.

Which Should You Buy the EP-550 or EP-560?

Both tables are extremely popular & very well regarded by their owners (EP-550 rating: 4.7/5 & EP-560 rating:4.6/5 – source amazon.com) & they are actually pretty much the same price (at the $300 mark). But if it came down to it, as pointed out above, the 560 is the slightly better model given the extra and improved features it has — so I would go with that. But which inversion table will you buy and why (let me know in the comments below)?

Note: when bought new they both come with a 5 year warranty program and the user restrictions (with regards to how much they can support) are up to 6ft 6 with a max user weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison account of the Teeter 550 Vs 560, then please make them below. Also, if you have any