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Teeter 950 Vs 960: Comparing the EP-950 & EP-960

Teeter EP-950 or EP-960 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will provide a brief feature-by-feature comparison overview of the two premium Teeter inversion tables — 950 Vs 960 — highlighting their subtle differences from one another as well as their similarities, with a concluding wrap up advising you which one to go for.

Ankle Lock System & Angle Control Options

EP-950: ‘Easy Reach’ Ankle | Ergo Embrace

EP-960: ‘Easy Reach’ Ankle | Ergo Embrace

They both utilize the same ‘easy to use’ ratchet triple lock system with an ergo embrace support mechanism, which is basically just foam cups that act to support your ankles relieving them of strain and pressure through distributing through your entire foot. Proven to ‘greatly reduce ankle discomfort’.

Precision Balancing & Framework Specifications

EP-950: Removable 3 Hole Hinge Design | ‘A’ Frame | Ultra Robust

EP-960: Removable 3 Hole Hinge Design | ‘A’ Frame

When it comes to precision balancing, no other brand do it quite like Teerter with ‘engineering tests proving they are the most precisely balanced‘ and you get to control the oscillation through a tether strap. They also both come on a solid A shaped frame system to provide you with complete stability. The EP-950 however is made with a ‘medical grade frame‘ meaning it is even sturdier than the EP-960.

Bed Support Design & Shaft Finish

EP-950: Flex Technology | Decompression Surface | Durable Material | Plated Chrome

EP-960: ComforTrak | | Decompression Surface | Durable Material | Powder Coated

This is where the major difference between the 950 and 960 comes. The 960 uses a comforTrak bed that is meant for reducing pressure & promoting comfort — all whilst providing you with the impetus to fully flex to improve joint mobility (you can also add a lumbar bridge & acupressure nodes to it). The 950 instead uses ergonomic flex technology that is meant for providing you with the max range of flexing motion whilst promoting ‘realignment and relaxation’. As you can see (from the images) they also have a slightly different ‘finish’ to them: 950 with plated chrome and 960 is powder coated.

Handle Options & Practical Aspects

EP-950: Over EZ Handles w. traction | Ankle Comfort | Floor Protectors | Foldable

EP-960: Stretch Max Handles w. traction | Ankle Comfort | Floor Protectors | Foldable

The handles are slightly different too, the 950 has EZ handles that aids traction and stretching & can also be utilized for oscillating movements. The 960 on the other hand has stretch max handles that are used for better assistance in advanced stretching (particularly with more experienced users).

User Capacity Specifications, Rating & Added Features

EP-950: 4’4′ to 6’6′ | 300 lbs | Manual & DVD set | 5 year warranty

EP-960: 4’4′ to 6’6′ | 300 lbs | Manual & DVD set | 5 year warranty

They have the same max user specs and also offer a user manual, instructional dvd and 5 stretching classes. Moreover, both when bought new come with an industry leading 5 year warranty coverage program

What’s the Difference Between the Teeter 950 and 960?

As you can see the main difference between them comes in the framework of the 950 being more robust, the different bed support designs/finish (intended for slightly different jobs, one for support & the other for max stretching) and different ‘assist’ handles. Apart from these subtle factors the Teeter 950 and 960 are largely the same.

Which Inversion Table Should You Buy the EP-950 or EP-960?

They are both ‘best priced’ at the $400 mark, so which one to get? I would advise you to go for the newer EP-960 model, as it encompasses more advanced designs (particularly with the back rest). But, in all honesty you can’t go too far wrong with either inversion table, they are both incredibly well made and regarded by their owners — so basically go with whichever one i cheapest (the EP-960 edges it, if they’re at the same price). Nothing gets much better than the 950 and 960 for home usage. Which Teeter inversion table will you buy the EP-950 or EP-960 and why (let me know in the comments below)?

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison overview of the Teer 950 Vs 960, then please make them below. Also, if you have found this article useful, then please be sure to give it a like or share.

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