Tegra 3 Processor From NVIDIA!

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New Pr??e?sor from NVIDIA
NVIDIA ha? come u? w?th a n?w ?r?????or based on S?stem-On-Ch?p techn?l?g? s??c?all? de??gn?d f?r sm?rtphones t?bl?ts ?nd oth?r hand h?ld d?v?ces. The n?w NVIDIA T?gr? 3 ?s g?v?n th? c?d?nam? ‘K?l El’. NVIDIA s??d th? pr???s??r w?uld b? quad-?or? in th? b?ginn?ng ?tag?s but th?? d?n??d reve?l?ng any ?f the f?n?r det??l? of the pr??e?s?r. A ?ou?l? ?f d?y? back NVIDIA ?ubl??hed wh?t? ???er? ?ert?in?ng t? the ar?hit??tur? of the proc?s??r. The pap?rs r?ve?l th?t th? ?ro?????r a?tuall? h?? ? f?fth ??re runn?ng ??rallel with the oth?r f?ur c?r?s. Th? ??cr?t fifth c?re i? c?lled ‘??mp?ni?n cor?’. All th? f?ve proc??s?r ar? ARM Cortex A9 ?ro?e?s?rs and ?an b? ?ep?r?tely act?v?t?d or deact?vated b?sed ?n w?rk l?ad. NVIDIA des?gn?d a ?p?ci?l c?rcu?try ?alled T?gr? 3 l?g?c ??ntr?ll?r to do th?? t??k.

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T??hn?l?g? ?n T?gr? 3
In th? pa??rNVIDIA m?nt??ns that the new pro?????r, Tegra 3 i? go?ng to work on V?r?abl? S?mmetric Mult??roces?ing (vSMP). vSMP te?hn?l?g? can be u??d for ??t?m?sing the CPU in mult?-thr?ad?ng sc?nar?? ?nd ?ls? ?ntr?du?e multi-t?sk?ng fun?t??n? for ?ff?cient p?rf?rman?? ?nd b?tter p?w?r ut?l?s?t?on. The ?om??nion c?re ??., th? fifth s??r?t cor? ?s bu?lt tr?n???rent to the OS which me?n? th?t th? OS and th? ???licat??n? runn?ng will n?t b? aw?re if th? fifth ??re but ??n t?k? ?dv?nt?g? of ?t during run tim?.

Mor? on ??mp?n??n ?ore
The ??erat?ng frequ?n?? ?f ?omp?n?on ??re i? lim?t?d t? 500MHz wh?le all ?th?r f?ur main ?ores ?r? l?ft t? fun?t?on ?t their full thr?ttl? of 1.5GHz. The ??mp?n?on ??r? i? ma?nly m?ant f?r l?s? d?m?nding ?ppl???t?ons that run in th? b??kgr?und lik? anim?ted b??kground, tw?tt?r ?p?, F??ebook, push mail ?erv?c?, b??kgr?und a?ps etc. Thus th? arch?te?tur? le?v?s th? f?ur m??n core? t? do th?ir w?rk at full ??t?nt??l for maximum re?ult? wh?le d?ing s?st?m h?av? ta?ks like gam?ng, vide? ed?ting, ?m?ge ?r??e?s?ng et?.

T??t r??ults of T?gr? 3 ??rf?rm?n??
Th? new te?hnol?g? h?? b??n ?h?wn to ?erform m?r? effi?ientl? with l?ss ?ower c?nsumpti?n th?n Tegra 2. Re?ults ?how th?t T?gr? 3 util???? 61% les? power dur?ng v?d?? pl?? and 34% l??s dur?ng gaming fun?t??n?. NVIDIA ?x???ts th? n?w Tegr? 3 to ?st?n??h ?mart?h?ne and t?bl?t manufa?tur?r? w?th ?t? ?ncr?d?bl? perform?n??. ZTE T98 i? th? f?r?t tablet wh??h ?? runn?ng ?n NVIDIA T?gr? 3 ?nd is is ?roduc?d by a Chinese ?om??n? ZTE. Th? tablet w?th 7-?nch ?creen w?uld run ?ndr?id 3.2 H?n?yComb.

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Tegra 3 Processor From NVIDIA!, Seekyt
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