Telecab – A Compact, Innovative Home Elevator

For people with reduced mobility who find it difficult to climb stairs to access the upper level of their home, Savaria’s Telecab is the ideal solution. This compact two-stop indoor home elevator features a modular construction with a guide rail system so that a hoistway is not required. As it requires minimal construction, it can be easily installed. This innovative model with a modern design can smoothly blend with any home décor. Featuring a maximum load capacity of 500 lbs (227 kg), the device travels on a guide rail system through a floor cut-out, making it ‘invisible’ and ideal for homes with limited space for elevator installation. It comes with an enclosed drive tower that keeps mechanical components out of sight and safe.

Advanced Features

The Telecab features an enclosed drive system and several safety features to ensure reliable operation. It comes with a toned design and powder coat finish that blends easily into any kind of home décor. The key features and technical specs of this system include:

• Under-panel sensor to stop the unit if it detects an obstruction
• Slack chain safety device
• Pressure relief valve to prevent platform overload
• Open door sensor
• Non-skid platform
• Emergency stop and alarm buttons
• Vacuum-formed ABS plastic trim
• Two interior ceiling lights
• Travel speed: 20 ft/min (0.1 m/s)
• Telephone
• Maximum travel: 23 ft (7.0 m)
• Hall calls: continuous pressure directional push buttons; keyed call/send
• Electro-mechanical door lock
• Drive system: 2:1 roller chain hydraulic
• Continuous pressure buttons to operate the unit
• Battery lowering in case of power failure
• Automatic battery recharging system (115 VAC)

This residential elevator also comes with various customization options. These include battery power for up/down, two-door for left and right access, keyed call station, custom cab sizes, custom colors, motorized door operation, hydraulic door closer, and 24 volt battery operator model. The system is also available in different configurations for entry/exit and larger cab sizes.

Choose a Reliable Elevator and Lift Company for Purchase

One of the most important advantages of purchasing Savaria elevators from an established dealer in accessibility equipment is competitive pricing. Some reliable companies even offer special pricing on elevators purchased out of medical necessity. Choosing an established dealer would also ensure efficient customer support services such as site assessment and guidance, installation, inspection, testing, and repair and maintenance services.