Television Addiction is Real: Symptoms of Disorder

Many people know someone, or they are married to a person who is addicted to the the television.  It sounds odd, but a television addiction is real.  Just like somebody being addicted to their computer.   When it comes to being addicted everyone in the house suffers because the addiction consumes the person.  My spouse is addicted to the TV and I suspect it is his way to not deal with his problems.

woman-391555_640I you suspect that your loved one is addicted to the television then it is best to know the symptoms for this addiction. Watch for signs for a television addiction; the need for TV’s in all rooms of the house.

Take notice when your guy or girl never turns off the television and if they monopolize the remote.  

A person who is addicted to the TV is somebody who is constantly sleepy and has no energy to do anything, they put off everything and constantly want to relax by watching the television.

If you happen to fall in love with a person addicted to the television then you can forget about attending social gatherings. You can make plans for a dinner date at a restaurant, but chances are your spouse will insist that you sit at the bar close to the television.

Know that the person with addiction will never fully listen to you and the only way to get their full attention is to turn off the television but when you do that the addicted person will go through some funky withdrawals.  They tend to get angry, grumpy and nervous.

children-403583_640Know that I learned that when my spouse was a kid his mom would sit him in front of the TV and he would watch it for hours, and that he never turned it off, because it helped him to sleep and relax.

At our house the television in the bedroom and living room is on day and night, 24/7 even if nobody is watching it. Why? Because when my husband walks in the door, he is comforted to hear the television and for him it is a way cozy and inviting, like being welcomed home by an old friend.

If you married or in a relationship with a person that is addicted to the television then you can forget about having a social life because your spouse is somebody that would rather stay indoors on the sofa or bed watching the TV. They are the arm chair traveler and are not motivated or interested in doing anything else

Television addiction is real learn more about it here 

Is your spouse or significant other addicted to TV?