TENSION- What is the SOLUTION???????


Man has a greatest relationship with TENSION.

When he is about to be born he gives tension to family and doctors about how the birth will go.

And as he grows up he gives tension to father and mother about his health, his timely vaccination, school admission etc.

Now slowly as you grow older the tension slowly transfers to you- homework, tests, assignments, etc.

Now college life- Tension tenfold times.

Girlfriend(s) tension, assignment tension, low attendence tension, internals so so so much TENSION!!!!!

Some say tension is good for you as you can work more with tension.

But it is wrong!!!! You can work more with a peaceful mind.

SO the anti-dote of tension is PEACE.

Whenever you feel you have no solution, the best solution is to fool your heart that-ALL IS WELL!!!!

I agree fooling the heart won’t solve the problem.

But it will surely reduce the tension so that you can finish the work with cool mind.

Between work take regular gaps so as to reduce the pressure on your mind.

Take out time for morning or evening walk as it will surely give you great oxygen to keep you refreshed.

And remember never compromise your sleep.

Sleep serves as a tension-buster and gives you energy to perform well the next day.

And deal with the girlfriend work in a professional way.

Spending time with family also serves as a great way of reducing the tension.

Always go out on weekends. That’s what weekends are for!!

REMEMBER!!!!!!! Life is short. You will die one day.

Would you like that you lived this whole life in a sea of tension to die as an unsuccesful man???

Don’t take tension, you will surely succeed.

And even if you are unsuccessful atleast you can say: ‘I lived a tension-free life!! I have experienced what is called LIVING LIFE!!