Terminal Employee

Terminal Employee is a term I coined used to describe someone who has been terminated from several jobs. If you’ve had one job your whole life then it doesn’t apply to you but it may broaden your reason and understanding for this most unfortunate person.

I grew up as an artist and athlete so when I began a career as a machinist in the manufacturing sector I had no idea the bumpy ride I was in for. I fell into it through a family business and was insulated from the post cold war culture mindset that prevails inside of a shop. It wasn’t until I set out on my own that I realized the difficult lifestyle I would have to maintain in order to survive.

If you are one of the chosen lucky to work human hours-First shift, be prepared to put on your game face and deal with the pressures of the many bosses you will deal with. Second and Third shift are much more laid back. The downside is that you will be left with very little personal life; the only time you can socialize is when the rest of the world is at work, and I’ve seen time and time again, these shift usually get all the blame when something goes wrong on days. There is very little ground support to back you up when you’re at home sleeping; the sacrificial lamb scenario.

The culture is dog eat dog, through you go on your merry day with a pleasant smile similar to a poker face. There is always someone watching and waiting for your slipup making you look bad and them good. You need thick skin to survive the onslaught of needling and chipping away at your performance. Your clear minded techniques and ability is never enough when an employer can fire you with a government backed ease. It will almost always be your fault in their eyes, that’s just how the system works.

If you are someone who has worked at the same place for a decade or more then you must have struck gold, or you have the battle scars to show for it; a limp, a missing finger, a look of suppression, no hair and overweight. I still survive in this industry staying positive avoiding most of the pitfalls when I can but know all too well about the Terminal Employee.