Terrified Abandoned Cat Learns to Trust Humans

When pet owners leave their domesticated cat in neighborhoods the cats that are abandoned are so freaked out and scared that it takes time to get them to trust humans and impossible for rescuers to get close to the cat.

A week ago a pet owner left their cat in the woods, the set the cat carrier down twenty feet into the wood and then got in their car and drove away. My husband was the first one to discover the cat in the carrier and he tried to get to the carrier to shut the door but the cat ran out and into the woods.

cat-744717_640I have no idea why pet owners think it is okay to leave their cat in the woods, but I guess they assume the cat will hunt for mice or birds, and know where to go for shelter. Regretfully a housecat does not know what to do when they are left behind at park our close to the woods. The cat does not know how to forage and does not know where to go for shelter when it rains or snows. This is why you see the stray cats sitting in the rain.

This cat is terrified of humans, so I set up medium sized heavy plastic pet houses with straw inside in a couple of locations; one in my yard, another in my shed.  Plus I am leaving the kitty door on the shed open 24/7.

It took a few days but the abandoned cat has found my yard and I have been feeding cat a low carbohydrate food that he seems to like.   Even though this cat is eating at the feeding station twice a day, he will not allow me to come out of my house.  When I open the door the cat that is 50 feet away will run out of my yard. This is why I say that the abandoned cat needs to learn to trust humans again.  The cat needs time and the rescuers must be patient.  I am getting closer to this cat, he is coming into my old shed when I am working and watching me from behind a box.

The good news is that once I get this cat to trust me and to be dependent upon me I can then socialize cat  so that he can live with people again and not be afraid.  I do have someone interested in adopting the tuxedo cat and they will provide the feline with a forever home.

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