Testosterone Supplements Lead to an Increased Risk of Heart Disease

As men age their testosterone levels naturally decrease. That is just how our bodies work. However, this change in hormonal levels may cause some men to feel anxious, as though there is something wrong with them. They visit with their doctor, and they are prescribed a testosterone supplement. This supplement helps revive them, but it may also be doing some serious damage to their body. This damage was never fully disclosed to the public by the manufacturers of these drugs, and has led to a number of testosterone lawsuits.

What is Low Testosterone?

The biggest difficulty in determining whether a person has low testosterone or not is the fact that testosterone levels vary so much. For some people their levels may be normal, but they feel like they are low. For other people, they may have low levels, but feel like nothing is wrong.

Men in their teens, twenties, and thirties generally have elevated levels of testosterone. This gives them energy, allows their muscles to grow and work efficiently, increases their sex drive, allows growth of facial and body hair, as well as a host of other effects. However, as a man enters his 40’s and 50’s the levels start to drop. He may experience fatigue, notice that he is putting on weight, and balding occurs. Since he doesn’t feel as youthful as he once did, he thinks something is wrong. In actuality, he is experiencing completely normal signs of aging.

Testosterone Supplements

There are 10 major brands of testosterone supplements on the market.

• Androderm
• Androgel
• Axiron
• Bio-T-Gel
• Delatestryl
• Depo Testosterone
• Fortesta
• Striant
• Testim
• Testopel

They all incorporate the same drug, and most are applied via a gel or a patch. By working with the body to increase testosterone, and subsequently red blood cell count, the drugs help restore that youthful vigor that many men once felt when they were younger.

However, studies have shown that using these drugs is not entirely safe. That elevated red blood cell count can lead to blood clots, heart attack, and stroke. So by trying to combat normal signs of aging, many men are putting themselves at serious risk.

Contact a Testosterone Personal Injury Lawyer

It is one thing if a person uses a drug knowing full well they may be putting themselves in danger. It is another when drug companies try to hide the truth, and release a drug without properly warning about the negative side effects. Millions of men have used testosterone supplements without knowing that they are being put at risk.

If you have used any testosterone boosting drug, and you have suffered from a heart attack, stroke, or blood clots, you may be able to collect compensation to cover medical expenses and other damages. Contact a personal injury attorney today for your free case review.