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Texas School District Student Information System Eliminates Redundant Data Entry

Data entry for schools is time consuming as a large volume of data has to be entered correctly into the database. The Taylor Independent School District (ISD) in Texas has adopted a new student information system (SIS) so as to reduce paper usage and to eliminate redundant data entry. The district decided to set up a consolidated system for business and student information with a single database having provision for continuous updates of data. Taylor ISD serves more than 3,000 students with about 200 teachers.

According to a report in The Journal, this student information system (SIS) is a consolidated system based on a single, relational database for continuous updates to programs as data is entered into the system. The time-consuming task of entering data from one program to another is resolved as it will allow automatic sharing of key information with other applications within the system, so that the latest, up-to-the-minute data is always available to users. Document scanning directly into the system will allow the school to do away with the need for managing paper storage.

Modules of the Texas ISD Student Information System

The shared database of the Texas ISD is retrievable by anyone authorized in the district. The advanced software allows information to be stored as a single source, so that duplicate entry and duplicate data is eliminated. The main components of the system are:

Human Resources Module: The HR module offers a global data management tool having the potential to analyze the largest segment of the school district’s budget.

Finance Management Module: This module helps in the effective management of complex financial processes in the school district.

Student Management Module: This module allows integration of student data so that counselors, administrators, and teachers can access and process student information as soon as it is entered.

Integrated Modules: These modules brings together information from the above three modules to construct an intelligent, synergistic utility for the school district.

Advantages of Automated SIS

Efficient data management at the school district level will help in the day-to-day management of administrative processes and student data. The main advantages of an automated Student Information System are:

* Provides accurate and timely information

* Streamlines the reporting process, as student and staff records can be placed in a single database

* Reduces the cost and time involved in handling paper-based documents

* Allows management to respond quicker to student needs by allowing timely retrieval of information

* Helps sharing of information among various education agencies

Cloud-based student information systems help schools reduce hardware costs, implementation costs, and overhead costs. Back-up solutions and advanced server monitoring are among the other benefits of such cloud-based systems.

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