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Text Message Monitoring Applications: 3 Typical Phrases Bad Employees Say about You


What do your employees think of you? What do they think of your company? Do you really know?

Text Message Monitoring Applications: 3 Typical Phrases Bad Employees Say about YouEven if you have anonymous job satisfaction polls or surveys, you’re still not going to get the truth. Employees will always tend to moderate what they really think because of fear of repercussions. Moreover, lazy or dishonest employees who want to keep on your good side (so they can continue to be lazy or dishonest) will tell you what you want to hear.

A better option is to get a text message monitoring application and use it on the cell phones that you give to your employees. That is a much better way to get the true information about your employees, since they are much more honest about what they think about their job, the company and YOU on text messages.

Hopefully , you don’t find yourself with a variation of these phrases that are very typical of bad employees:

• My job is terrible.

Most jobs have some aspects that we don’t like. There is no job that is 100% pleasurable, even if you do whatever your passion is. That’s is normal and expected. But then, there are the employees who always complain and nag about their job and how they dislike it. Depending on your judgment, these people should be either fired or just not promoted. On the other hand, if ALL of your employees complain about this, then you might have to review their working conditions or risk having no employees.

• My salary is too low.

Every employee will say that his salary is not enough . Again, it’s a part of life and we all would love to have more money. Yet, this is a red flag if it’s often said. It might be that you are indeed paying too low, in which case you might compare your salaries with the salaries of the industry you’re in. Also, it might show you an employee that just thinks that he deserves more because of some reason of entitlement and you should deal with him before it turns into a more serious problem.

• My boss is an _____.

There are sometimes where an employee disagrees with you and there are times when an employee just hates you. Frequently , this is the result of thinking that they are better than you are and that they deserve to earn as much as you do. Of course, it never occurs to them that all they need to do is put in the same amount of time, money , risk and hard work that you did. In any case , I see little reason why you should continue to have this employee.

I would like to say that I know a way to avoid these phrases , but I don’t. There will be a point in time where you’ll have one or more employees like these. And the best way to spot them is to use a text message monitoring application.

Author Bio: Text Messages Spy App helps you keep a track on all incoming/outgoing messages from the target phone. The software also offers calls, phoenbook, GPS, URL, Email and photo tracking features.

Text Message Monitoring Applications: 3 Typical Phrases Bad Employees Say about You
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