Textfree and Other Free Texting Services Can Save You Money.

Pinger Textfree–By Far The Best

Everybody complains about paying for a text plan. You cannot predict how many people will text you. Even with a comprehensive text plan, you wonder how close you are to reaching the limit on your plan,. And it shall be seen whether carriers abide by the newly enacted law requiring a carrier to warn you before you exceed your limit. You should be aware of two free services: Pinger Textfree and Apple IMessage.

Pinger offered Textfree since 2009. Like the name of the product, the texting is completely free and in return there is a small banner of advertisements at the bottom. It has 19 million members in the United States alone and served 15 billion text messages. You do need a smart phone and can download the free application for the iPhone, iPod, and Android. We also noticed that the company also expanded the range of phone numbers. As an early adopter, I was unable to obtain a phone number with a Los Angeles exchange. Recently, we set up an account for both of our children and they were able to select telphone numbers with a Los Angeles exchange.

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Textfree on IPod Touch and IPad

You do not need to have a phone plan to use textfree as long as you have access to free Wi-Fi. In its recent update, any Pinger customer can call another Pinger customer for free (might have to watch commericials). That means that any iPod or IPad user has the capability to text and call. I have recently recommended that my daughter’s friends open Pinger accounts so that they do not have to use their parents’ phones and instead they can text and call my daughter from their Wi-Fi enabled homes. If you are on your computer, you can go to Pinger and text someone.

Apple IMessage

Apple launched iMassage in its IOS upgrade mid-October. The iMessage service allows iPhone or iPod Touch users to send text, photos, and videos to other iPhone, iPad, or Ipod Touch users for free. The service is free because it falls within a customer’s wireless data plan and limits the user to other Apple customers. For iPod Touch Users, you will can text through the internet via a Wif-Fi connection to transmit the text like email.

TextPlus and WhatsApp for Your Phones

If these two free texting services still do not feel right, there are other two free texting service: textPlus and WhatsApp.

Free Web Texting Service

If you are at home, why not pop someone a message through a free online texting service. Pinger has an free web texting service.

Here are some others:

Online Text Messaging A basic online text messaging.

Textem Another simple web text messaging