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Thanksgiving 2010 – Five Ways To Celebrate

When is Thanksgiving 2010? November 25th! Mark your calendars.

Thanksgiving is an amazing traditional holiday for most families. While you may have your own methods of celebrating Thanksgiving, there are many ways to celebrate. Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates togetherness, family, and joy. Make Thanksgiving 2010 one to remember by celebrating five different ways.


This one is no surprise. Every year, thousands, if not millions of families get together on Thanksgiving and watch football games, as if part of a national tradition to do so. Make Thanksgiving 2010 different by taking it one step further: don’t just watch the game, get outside and play it! Some exercise will put everyone in a good mood, and the competitive spirit will undoubetedly spark some fun before the eating festivities begin. Not to mention, playing football on Thanksgiving will help ensure that everyone has an appetite before dinner begins. Just make sure that Thanksgiving 2010 doesn’t end in the emergency room; flag or touch football is good enough.

The Macy’s Day Parade

Many families watch the Macy’s Day Parade every Thanksgiving. This year should be no different. Thanksgiving 2010 will host one of the biggest Macy’s Day Parades in years, so make sure you are there to watch it. You can even make this fun and competitive by guessing what the balloons and floats will be, and even making fun bets on which balloons will deflate, pop, crash or terrorize the crowd by falling from the sky. It doesn’t usually happen, but it makes watching the parade that much better. See the picture of Grover to the left to get an idea of the extreme size and mass of one of these objects, and also see how uncomfortably close he is getting to the crowd. If you have young children in your house, they will love waiting for Santa Claus to show up at the end of the parade as well.

Turkey Carving Contest

Turkey Carving Contest Thanksgiving 2010Carving contests are usually reserved for Halloween and lumberjack events. Thanksgiving 2010 can be the start of a new tradition: the turkey carving contest. Let three or four people participate in this even by seeing who can carve the thinnest slices of meat, who can perfectly cut the drumstick from the turkey body, and you can even make a time-trials event with the fastest carver taking home the glory of winning the contest. Obviously, this game should be for the adults in the family, and safety will need to be a number one priority when sharp objects are involved.

Pie Eating Contest

Without a doubt, one of the most coveted events during any Thanksgiving celebration is the ceremonial pumpkin pie that follows dinner. Spice Thanksgiving 2010 up a bit. This year, make sure no one gets any pie until after the regular dinner is over, and hold a pie eating contest. Whoever eats the most pie without barfing will be the winner. Also, make sure the competition is fair for everyone in all age groups by eliminating the need for a fork. The less dexterous children will surely appreciate it, and grandma will be sure to get a kick out of it as well.

Christmas Movie Marathon

After everything else is said and done, everyone is full and tired, and people are ready to relax in front of the television, it’s time for the Christmas movie marathon. Thanksgiving 2010 is no different than any other Thanksgiving. The second it’s over, it’s time to have a nervous breakdown that Christmas is only weeks away, and you need to find a way to come up with some money quick. Reinforce this fact for everyone by holding a Christmas movie marathon at the end of the night, so that everyone in your home will now the Holiday Season has arrived. Some classics include Christmas Story, Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Merry Christmas Charlie Brown, and It’s A Wonderful Life.

There you have it – Five fantastic ways to celebrate Thanksgiving 2010. Thanksgiving can be so much more than turkey, potatoes and stuffing. Incorporate some or all of these events into your holiday plans this year, and Thanksgiving 2010 will surely be a memorable one for everyone you enjoy it with.


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