Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas – Thanksgiving Gifts for Anyone

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States every year on the fourth Thursday of November. Every year the pilgrims would celebrate their fall harvest with a huge celebratory feast giving thanks for the bounty of crops they amassed. Even if you don’t grow crops or raise farm animals Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to give thanks for all the good in your life. Thanksgiving is also a good time to get together with family and friends.
If you are looking to purchase a Thanksgiving gift for someone think of fall colors and activities that happen in the fall.
Flowers that come in fall colors make a great gift idea. Instead of buying multiples of one kind of flower consider an assortment or bouquet of a few warm fall colors grouped together to really make an impact. Colors to look for would be different shades of yellow, red, orange and amber are a great place to start. Most retailers that stock floral arrangements will more than likely have autumn coloured bouquets ready for you.

Specialty items like Thanksgiving Day cards make a nice gift. There will be many Thanksgiving themed cards to purchase everywhere. For a bit of a twist you could purchase a Thanksgiving or fall themed card that is blank inside and write your own personal and special message giving thanks to the recipient. Other specialty items you can give as gifts this Thanksgiving are things like candles that have fall colouring and items like leaves and pine cones embedded in the candle. T-shirts, tableware, framed pictures of family members or friends. If the gift shows some form of love and or appreciation it will be a big hit.

The gift of giving is probably the perfect gift on Thanksgiving. If you truly want to get in the spirit of what Thanksgiving is really all about then give the gift of giving. Give thanks for what you have in your life and then donate your time and go help out in a soup kitchen or a hospital where the less fortunate can be found. Think of places where people go who are in need, and that is where you should be volunteering for the day. Contact an old folk’s home and maybe you can help by just spending some time with the elderly.

There are so many places you could go to help out. Put your thinking cap on and you will come up with the perfect place to volunteer your time. Possibly you don’t have time to give or don’t feel comfortable doing that, well then you could donate money so they place can purchase food or supplies. Better yet find out what supplies they need and go shopping and pick them up and then drop them off. Once you do this you will feel so great for the gift you have given that you will want to do it every year. It really is addictive.

If these are not the kinds of gifts you were thinking of then maybe you could try a retailer like Amazon to purchase something nice for that special someone. Or if you want to travel keep reading.

If you feel like giving the gift of travel and good times you could always take in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York with the hundreds of thousands of other people who attend. Your family and or friends would remember the experience for life. There are also three NFL games played on Thanksgiving Day.

If you or your family are NFL fans you could attend the early game in Detroit to watch the Detroit Lions play their opponent or you could travel to Dallas to watch the Dallas Cowboys play their opponent. There is a 3rd NFL game played in the evening on Thanksgiving Day. The NFL just started playing the 3rd game a few years ago and this game moves around every year where as the Detroit and Dallas games are always in those cities. Maybe the evening NFL game will be played close enough to you so you can travel there for your Thanksgiving.