The 13 Best Goals of 2014 World Cup Football, Brazil.

There have been 171 goals scored in this 2014 FIFA World Cup held in Brazil. Most of those goals were stunning and entertaining. But among them here is a list of top 13 goals which are selected by considering both importance and the technique and style of the goal scorer.

The Best Goal of the World Cup 2014: Van Persie’s headed goal against Spain:

When I started writing this article, I discussed about the best world cup goals with several people. One of them said that, “This goal has gave a new meaning to the term, ‘The Flying Dutchman’” I absolutely agree to this comment and I personally believe that this is the best goal of this world cup and we haven’t seen anything such in past as well as there are very less chances that we will see anything such in future considering many have tried to imitate it but they have only ended up busting up their face on the ground.
It’s hard to describe the goal in words. So it’s better to get the idea about this goal by watching the video unless you have already seen it. But I am sure even if you’re not a football lover, you would be amazed and entertained to see this goal. The Netherlands government issued a special commemorative coin in the remembrance of this goal. Moreover, this goal has added a new noun to the English language- ‘Persieing’

2. James Rodriguez’s chest trap and left footed volley against Uruguay:

James Rodriguez is undoubtedly the best discovery of this world cup. James Rodriguez is the Golden boot winner of this world cup by scoring 6 goals. His goal against Uruguay was an ultimate stunner and a perfect goal that can be listed as the second best goal of this world cup. He chest trapped the ball and then his swivel as well as his left footed volley which directly entered the goalpost amazed all of the viewers. This goal looked like a freestyle football stunt or a goal from football stimulation game.

3. Mario Goetze Vs. Argentina in the final:

Mario Goetze’s goal was another incredible goal of this world cup. But this goal has special significance as it sealed the world cup win for the Germans. In the grand final of the world cup,2014, Argentina and Germany both played well through out the match but couldn’t score a goal in the main 90 minutes and the first half of the extra time and it seemed like the match was going to be decided by tie-breaker. But then Mario Goetze’s goal broke the heart of each and every Argentine who was looking forward to another world cup win. He chest trapped the ball and hit the ball with his left foot directly in the goalpost. Some may say that Goetze was lucky to score this goal. But his skill helped him more than his luck to score such a goal.

4. David Luiz’s goal scored from a free-kick Vs. Columbia:

The goal of David Luiz actually reminded me about the goal of Brazilian legend Roberto Carlos. The goal Roberto Carlos scored against France in the free kick is still considered as one of the best goals of all time in football history and it is also one of the most watched goals of all time. David Luiz followed his ancestor and scored against Columbia in a brilliant Free-kick. He hit an amazing bullet from 35 yards distance of the goalpost which made the Goalkeeper spellbound and the goalkeeper could do nothing but watch the ball entering the post. In an interview later David Luiz spoke about his dead-ball ability. He said: “I think it was genetic, my legs were born like this.”

5. Messi’s goal against Iran:

The Golden Ball winner of this world cup, Lionel Messi was highly impressive in the group stage of this world cup. His goal against Iran which broke the hopes as well as the hearts of the fans of Iran was undoubtedly one of the best goals in this world cup. Iran restricted Argentina from scoring a goal throughout the main 90 minute game. Messi scored the goal against Iran mostly by his individual effort in the injury time. He hit an unstoppable left foot shot which entered directly in the goal post.

6. Schurrle’s last goal in the Semi-final against Brazil.

The semifinal between Germany and Brazil was an astonishing and interesting match that made its place in the world cup history permanently. Germany won against Brazil by the difference of 7-1 goals in Estadio Mineira. The Germans scored 4 goals in the difference of 6 minutes in the 23-29 minute period to end the dream of “Hexa” of Brazil. All of the goals scored by Germans in this match were decent and had perfect finishing.
But Germany’s 7th goal against Brazil in this match should be mentioned specially in this list for its special decency. Andre Shurrle smashed a wonderful volley which passed goalkeeper Julio Cesar’s near-post sealing the match. This was the most one sided world cup semi final ever and this was the semifinal in which the most numbers of goals were scored in world cup history ever. Even the Brazilian fans praised Shurrle’s last goal by standing up and applauding for him.

7. Tim Cahill’s goal scored in a volley Vs. Netherlands.

Brazilian legend Ronaldo said that it was a goal with echoes of Marco Van Basten, the Dutch legend. This compliment explains how good this goal was.
This goal looked more like a missile which entered the goalpost of the Dutch. Tim Cahill, the Australian legend scored one of the best goals in the history of World Cup Football. This was Cahill’s last world cup probably and he left great impact in the mind of all football lovers who watched this goal. It seemed like Cahill was watching the ball coming over his head for a long time and then he let the ball drop on his left foot before smacking and wonderful volley into the underside of the cross bar

8. Sneijder Vs. Mexico
Mexico was leading against Netherlands until the 88th minute of the match. The Mexican supporters were happily waiting for the final whistle to blow. Probably Mexican couldn’t even dream that they would beat Dutch in 2nd round to qualify to the quarter finals before, but the performance of Mexican team in that match made them completely hopeful.
But Sneijder scored an amazing equalizer to break the hearts of the Mexican fans at the 88th minute of the match. He hit an outstanding shot with his right foot directly in the goalpost to beat Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa. Ochoa, has made some outstanding saves in that match and almost succeeded to make Mexican team the winner, but Sneijder’s ultimate shot couldn’t be saved by him and Mexico lost the match when Hunteelar scored another goal from penalty for the Dutch.

9. Neymar’s side-foot strike Vs. Cameroon.

Neymar, the young Brazilian talent scored a magical goal against Cameroon in the group stage. More interestingly it was the 100th goal of the 2014 world cup. However, Neymar received the cross of Gustavo and scored a beautiful goal.
I couldn’t find a video for this. This was the first goal he scored against Cameroon in the 17th minute. So you may be able to see this goal in a highlight video of that match. Here is a video that shows all the goals Neymar scored. This is the first goal he scored against Cameroon and you will find the goal in some parts of the video.

Also you may like checking this out, you would be able to see that goal for a few seconds in this video also

10. Jermaine Jones Vs. Portugal

: There have been a lot of brilliant goals scored in this world cup. But Jermaine Jones’s goal against Portugal was something that is in my short list because of its special brilliancy. Jones hit an excellent shot with his right foot that arrowed into the corner of the net. He shifted the ball on his right foot and hit this shot with an unthinkable technique.

11. Shaqiri’s first goal Vs. Honduras

This match was very much important for Switzerland as it was their last match in group round. The stage was all set for Shaqiri, the main star player of Switzerland. And Shaqiri became the hero of the Swiss by scoring the second hat-trick of the tournament. Especially, his first goal that he scored in 6th minute was most impressive and this goal is the 10th best goal of this world cup in my list. Shaqiri hit an amazing 25 yard long shot with his left foot which arrowed into the far roof of the net.

12. Clint dempsey’s 30 second goal Vs. Ghana:
This is not an exceptional goal. But it is in my list because it has made its place in the history of world cup. It is the 3rd quickest goal in world cup history now. Clint Dempsey scored the goal in only 30 seconds! Before the Ghanaian could even understand anything, Dempsey scored a goal and gave U.S.A lead.

13. Christiano Ronaldo’s goal against Ghana:

: Christiano Ronaldo, the current Fifa Balon d’or winner, is one of the best footballers of not only the current generation but also of all time. He was the main hope of the Portugal. Although other superstars like Messi and Neymar played well in this world cup, Christiano Ronaldo couldn’t do anything huge. Christiano Ronaldo scored only 1 goal in this world cup and that was against Ghana. He stroke the ball in a super speed and 2 defenders and the goalkeeper jumped to save the ball. But the ball was so quick that it entered directly in the goalpost and then the defenders landed on the ground.

Another thing that I would like to add, Christiano Ronaldo has hit the most on target shots during the group stage of world cup(23). He has tried hard to score a goal but since he didn’t have good team to assist him, he failed to score goals. So can’t really blame him.

Hope you enjoyed reading my article!