News The 2014 Golf Season: A German perspective

The 2014 Golf Season: A German perspective


Ryder Cup 2014

There will be a lot of huge sport events we are looking forward to in 2014. In addition to the Football World Cup (Germany is waiting for the first major title after the one in 1996) and the Winter Olympics, the one I am really looking forward to is the Ryder Cup taking place in Scotland in September. Europe the defending champion and perhaps three German players will play for the team. Martin Kaymer, Marcel Siem and Maximilian Kieffer have a great chance to qualify for it. I am firmly convinced that Kaymer as well as another German player will be among the Europeans and will help keeping the pot in Europe.

Ladies European Tour

We are looking forward to the Ladies European Tour. Karoline Lampert, a female player from St. Leon-Rot has qualified for the professional tour. I am sure that we will hear about her. The same is true for our two players on the LPGA Tour. I am sure that Caro Masson and Sandra Gal will be really successful this year and they will play a major role within the five majors. The race to qualify for the Solheim Cup 2015 will start and will be harder than ever from the German perspective.

Tiger Woods and the Majors

I am curious to the majors. Can Tiger Woods quit his ‘Major depression’? Will Martin Kaymer manage to play in the leading flights? Likewise, I do trust in Marcel Siem. Especially on courses like Augusta and on Links courses where he can profit from his shot making ability.
Challenge Tour
The Challenge Tour will be another interesting event to follow. Will Moritz Lampert take his chance and qualify again for the European Tour? I know how busy he recently trained at St. Leon-Rot. 2014 will be a promising year for him.

German Golf League

We are looking forward to the second season of the German Golf League. After having started in 2013 a dramatic Final Four in September 2013 in Winston particularly the two teams from St. Leon-Rot are more than motivated to bring the title back to St. Leon-Rot. But I think especially the teams from Munich and Düsseldorf will try to defeat their crown and they will appear on stage by showing the best players they have. They have a lot of them.

2015 and the Solheim Cup

You see 2014 will be a great year for Golf. And, next to major sporting events many individual athletes will draw attention to themselves. Then 2015 will soon be there, the Solheim Cup in St. Leon-Rot in September 2015 with it. The most important Golf Event ever to take place in Germany!
Have a great Golf season in 2014! Germany is looking forward to it!

The 2014 Golf Season: A German perspective
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