The 5 most requested enhancements and attractive Cars Online

The 5 most requested enhancements and attractive Cars Online

As we approach the beginning of summer and in retrospect we see the great technological events of the first half (CES and MWC) it is very clear that the Connected Cars the stars of the big fairs are still in the area of M2M.

Besides the so-called ‘infotainment’ functionality that stand out are the active safety, WiFi hotspots and voice control functions. Are these improvements so that the industry strives to offer more often. There is also demand for vehicles to be electric

A recent study by Gfk consulted about 6,000 Online Car drivers are generally satisfied with the new features that include these vehicles. The high-end brands (BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Tesla …) and large technology companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are betting strongly on the Connected Car.

Safety on board. These features are also useful but also striking. Rear view cameras, lights that cater to the twists, self-locking, parking assist and lane control functions are also useful, provide value for drivers but are not related to connectivity. M2M in the world, the eCall (emergency call), mandatory in many countries, is a major step forward in security that can reduce 5-10% injured. Voice control is costing boot but is seen as a promising possibility for their utility in the connected car.

Vehicle to vehicle safety. In the same field of security, it is at above but centered on how they interact if the vehicles are the vehicle-to-vehicle platforms (V2V). These environments allow vehicles to share information between them anonymously to report adverse weather conditions or events to drivers and road authorities. Such systems can theoretically prevent a vehicle from entering a prohibited street address or prevent two vehicles collide v2v share information if they are detaining a collision course. Some countries are already involved in legislative processes to permit and regulate v2v systems.

Information gathering. The information collected is used mainly in mobile applications to display information such as vehicle use, engine diagnostics, and driver behavior. The use of this information also may be used for insurance telematics (car insurance based on driver behavior).

Access points Wi-Fi 4G. Not yet a majority choice but its potential is evident, connected cars are destined to become more and more a point of access to the high-speed internet through sharing their m2m card for these purposes. This possibility seems even more imminent with the arrival of automobiles without a driver, passengers will be ‘idle’ while the car takes them to their destination. This type of connection make it feasible to provide information (and advertising) shortcut on the places where it happens.

Did it come off your car factory? The aftermarket solutions are your answer

Many drivers are unaware that although his car left the dealership without intelligent functions, these can be added using a device that plugs into the OBD interface (onboard diagnostics) that already use the shop when we took our vehicle maintenance. This interface can be used to connect a call m2m aftermarket device that will allow us to enjoy the functionality of the connected car. For example, O2 Car Connection gives the driver tips for improving your driving by analyzing the collected data gives information on the engine status, error messages, battery charge and GPS-based features as delimitation of restricted areas. It is expected that 90 percent of vehicles are connected in 2020 cars and more than half of drivers intend that the next vehicle purchase car features include connected.