The 6 Common Causes Of Snoring

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Snoring is loud, disruptive, quite possibly dangerous and can stem from several reasons. Statistics show that at least 45% of adults occasionally snore and at least 25% snore every night they go to sleep.

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I’ve listed 6 of the most common causes and hopefully becoming aware of them will help you find solutions that can eliminate snoring from you and your spouse’s lives forever.

If you don’t feel like searching for solutions, you can read ‘8 Ways to Prevent Snoring,’ this should give you a few ideas to start with.

Remember, snoring can be dangerous, so if it’s something you’re really worried about, and the solutions you discover don’t work, then my suggestion would be to make an appointment with your physician or a sleep disorder specialist.

The 6 Common Causes Of Snoring, Seekyt

Your Age:
Your age could have a lot to do with you snoring. The muscle tone in your throat decreases, while your throat becomes narrower. This is a great combination to cause snoring.

Your Body Weight:
It stands to reason that if you gain weight, fat can build up around your throat and cause your airway to narrow. This can cause snoring during sleep.

Your Mouth Anatomy:
Some people may have enlarged tonsils, tissue in the back of their throat, or a palate or uvula that is soft and long. When you go to sleep, the muscles in your throat relax and the above problems cause airflow to become partially blocked and this causes snoring.

Congestion In Nasal Passage And Sinuses:
Congestion from colds and allergies is a very common problem that a lot of people suffer with. When your nasal passage and sinuses are blocked, you can’t breath during sleep, and you will either sleep with your mouth open or closed. Either way, you are struggling to breath and the soft tissue in the back of your throat rubs together causing you to snore.

Alcohol And Medications:
Drinking alcohol, certain medications like sleeping pills and smoking can also cause the muscles in your throat to relax while you sleep, which causes snoring.

Sleep Apnea:
A lot of times your snoring may be caused by something more serious. Such as sleep apnea. This condition is when the soft tissue in the back of your throat completely blocks the flow of air, and causes you to stop breathing for 10 seconds, maybe longer.

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The 6 Common Causes Of Snoring, Seekyt
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