The 6 Question Types of TOEIC Speaking

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TOEIC stands for “Test of English for International Communication.” If this is your first time to hear about it, it’s an English proficiency test given to non-native English speakers as required by an organization, company, school, or business applied membership in. In other words, if you’re from countries whose English is not the first or official language, and you want to work in another country, you might be required to take the TOEIC.

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There are three types of TOEIC: TOEIC, TOEIC Writing, and TOEIC Speaking. The difference lies in what skills the test measures. For instance, TOEIC Speaking measures one’s “speaking” abilities.

Now that we are on the subject, there are 6 types of tasks (or question types) that you’ll encounter if you take the TOEIC Speaking test. For each of these tasks, the test taker is given a few seconds or a minute to prepare, and a few seconds or a minute to complete them.

These question types are the following.

1. Read a Text Aloud

Just like what the name implies, you’ll be given a “text” to read aloud in this part of the test. The text is only one paragraph with 5 to 7 sentences, which you’ll read in 1 minute or less. This is a test of the following areas speaking: stress, pronunciation, intonation, and pauses.

2. Describe a Picture

For this part, you’ll be given a picture that you’ll have to describe in as much detail as you can. This is a test of your sentence construction, your vocabulary, and your word choice. When completing the task, create complex sentences, and as I previously mentioned, be as detailed.

3. Respond to Questions

For this part, expect 3 questions. The questions are easy, and they’re common, everyday questions. It could be about your job, about yourself, or about anything. You’ll be tested on your ability to respond to questions accurately.

4. Respond to Questions Using Information Provided

You’ll be given a memo, a timetable, or an advertisement. And from that, you’ll be asked 3 questions. For instance, if the “information provided” is a timetable, expect questions such as the following: What time will the ship leave? When is the expected arrival of the tourists?

5. Propose a Solution

For this question type, the task is all about giving a reasonable and logical solution to a particular problem. A question or situation may be something like this: If you’re lost on vacation, what’s the first thing that you should do?

6. Express an Opinion

For this part, you’re tested on your ability to reason out, express yourself in English, and defend your opinion. You’ll be given a choice, in which case, your question can be like this: Which do you prefer, spending time with your family, or going out with friends?

Here’s a book you might be interested in for your review: Tactics for TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test Pack.

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