The Advantages of being an Online Freelance Writer

Being an online freelance writer myself, I am surprise with its advantages that I have personally tried and tested. At first I was a bit scared on how to get clients or how to get a good monthly income that would be good enough for me. But then, as time pass by with hard work, everything is going well. Actually I am surprise how God is so gracious to me because I am just in my second month of my journey after I resigned from my day job.

So, what are the advantages that I am enjoying right now?

1. Some Free Time

I don’t say that I have lots of free time because I need to double my work as I am just setting up. Though my working time is just like with my previous time of work, but I am paid very well. And sometimes, when I feel that I need to breathe some fresh air, then I stop and go out. So, I am not that pressured when it comes to time. Because I can have my own pace in writing like for three hours then after that I can have a break because I’m done. That’s priceless for me as a writer.

2. I can take care of my family better than before.

I am a mother of a cute baby and I am enjoying my part as a homemaker right now. I have this frustration before that after coming home from work, I end up irritated because the house is not that clean and everything is not in its place. But now I can supervise my baby’s nanny, the house, and I can think better for the things which are good for the family. I love that kind of fulfillment on my part as a mom and wife.

3. I can take care myself best.

I love this thing for myself as a married woman with a busy schedule. When I was in a corporate work before, I sometimes miss this thing that I really wanted to do. I wanted to pamper my beauty and my body but I didn’t have enough time. And another thing was that I was very tired already. So, it was like I was losing a bit of my confidence before like I wasn’t feeling 100% presentable. But now, I have enough time to take care of my skin, body, hair, etc. With that I am very happy and I know my hubby is happier.

4. I can save money fast.

I like this part of being an online freelance writer. It is a big opportunity for me to work for my desired pay at my desired working place and working time. The more that I work; the more am I paid. Actually, I heard that other freelancers are earning thousands of dollars and some are even passive. So, with this fact, it is so clear and a big advantage that I can easily reach my goals for savings.

These four are just few of the advantages of being an online freelance writer. I may be new to full time freelance writing; but now I know that this really works. Before I was only reading some materials and testimonies online and now I am the one spreading the news. It’s a good thing for me but without some reading I could not have what I am enjoying right now. Thanks to the power of the internet.