The Advantages Of Using Botox

Botox injected in Miami is often administered as a cosmetic procedure by various businesses such as Miami spa physicians or dermatologists, dentists, or nurse practitioners, or nurse or doctor assistants. It is actually Botulinum which is a protein which is also a powerful neurotoxin which is a toxin that acts on the human bodies nerve cells. It is commonly used for treatment of some medical issues and for certain cosmetic procedures. It certainly is a less intrusive procedure than some of the options such as laser treatments. Laser is short for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation or perhaps photo rejuvenation. It is not intended to work on sagging neck skin like Botox can.

These alternatives like laser work by concentrating the energy on small areas and can be very accurate just as botox Miami is at your Miami spa. Laser skin tightening is using a laser on a specific area of the body, generally the neck or face or hands to tighten the skin in small spot or spots. Photo rejuvenation is also intended for use on smaller areas of the body. It can be performed in conjunction with a face lift for further skin rejuvenation. It can be considered in the case of wrinkles, sun damage, and spider vein elimination or even small scars. Since it is a laser procedure and laser procedures are best in small areas you can understand using the alternative of Botox.

Botox Miami is painless and if there are any side effects they are very short lived like very temporary and minor such as a slight bruising which results from the needles used not the Botox administered in your Miami spa. There is no recovery period required. It was approved by the FDA originally to temporarily reduce frown lines between a person’s eyebrows. It is used to eliminate crow’s feet also.

Botox Miami administers botox injections in small doses which are comprised of a small dose of Botulinum Toxin to prevent wrinkles. It works by paralyzing the respective muscles in the face or front of the neck. Depending how extensive the treatment area is the procedure administered by your Miami spa will take from a few minutes to les than one half hour. It works by paralyzing muscles so they don’t contract. The results can be seen after about one week and they last for about three months. They may use a numbing cream or a local anesthesia which will quickly wear off. There are no activity restrictions at all.

Botox has also been used for muscle spasms in the eyes and this is one of the original uses of botox Miami. It can also be used to reduce excessive sweating because it acts on the nerves that supply the sweat. This particular use of botox will last for six to twelve months. Your Miami spa can also use botox in the front of the neck to paralyze those muscles where the muscles contract so the skin at the neck front looks younger.