The All-Terrain Tricycle

If you’re considering an all-terrain tricycle, you’ll have plenty of options to keep in mind from cheap to expensive. These things are different from the normal three wheeled trike, and command a higher price point. This isn’t to say you cannot pick them up relatively cheap, but you should not expect to get a quality one for under $20 by any means. In this informative article, I’d like to present you with some tips for buying, what makes the different than a normal trike, and what you should look for before making a purchase of an all-terrain tricycle.

What Makes a Rugged Trike Different?

If you are trying to decide whether or not you’re going to buy a regular tricycle, or an all-terrain trike, you’ll want to know what makes them unique. Listed below are some of the differences you’ll find from a traditional three wheeled bike. You can also check out the rugged trikes on Amazon.

Dually Trike Versions: These actually have 5 wheels, as the backs are both doubled up, similar to a dually truck. You won’t find this on the old versions and the look is something a young child that doesn’t quite have the balance for a bicycle will love.

Thicker Wheels: These aren’t super thin wheels; they are thick and beefy, often with knobby tires, which are sometimes air filled and not solid rubber. This makes for a rugged look that is more likely to go well on uneven terrain, like in a yard. Most are limited to hard surfaces like driveways and sidewalks, but not the beefy models.

Bigger Wheels: Not always the case, but you’ll often find 14 inch and larger tires on these things. This means they will not be outgrown nearly as quickly.

One Small Problem: There is only one small issue with these things – the wider wheels and the dually versions mean greater resistance, making it harder to pedal around. This doesn’t mean pedaling is difficult, but for small child just learning to ride, it might be harder.

What to Look for

For obvious reasons, the price is something you want to compare and think about. In addition, you might want to check out customer reviews before you make your purchase. Be sure to look for a quality product made from steel or aluminum with strong pedals. Since the pedals are plastic, they are generally the first thing to get broken.

An all-terrain tricycle is something your child will love for their birthday, Christmas, or any occasion for summer riding.