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The Anatomy of Back Muscles – Help Take Care of Your Back With These Tips


From lifting to stretching to twisting, the anatomy of back muscles is able to give you the information you need to keep your back feeling healthy and pain free. In fact, out of all of the muscles that are in your body, the muscles of your back are the ones that are used most often in your body with the exception of your heart. That’s because your back muscles help support you, help you pick things up, help you twist and move, and just in general be flexible. So what muscles are there in your back and what do they do?

Muscles of the Lower Back

The Anatomy of Back Muscles – Help Take Care of Your Back With These Tips

When it comes to the anatomy of back muscles, the ones in your lower back are the ones that tend to get the most use. That’s because your waist area is a natural pivot point for your body. So much is the pivot point that the muscles of the lower back tend to take on the greatest amounts of pressure that your body withstands, especially when you lift something up utilizing the muscles of your lower back. According to one estimate, for every pound that you live with your lower back muscles, it equates to 100 pounds of torque or pressure being applied to this muscles. That’s why if you try to pick up a 50 pound object improperly you usually end up with lower back pains – because of all the pressure you’ve put on these muscles.

Muscles of the Upper Back

The Anatomy of Back Muscles – Help Take Care of Your Back With These Tips

When it comes to the anatomy of back muscles, your upper back muscles are important for the stability of your spine, the ability of your shoulder blades to be able to flex and move properly, for stability of your entire core region, and even stabilize your neck and give your head the ability to turn and flex through the neck. These important muscles are also very important to your posture as well. If you find that you are a bit sore in the upper back, it is likely because you’ve strained these muscles through improper posture.

Regular Stretching Is Important

The Anatomy of Back Muscles – Help Take Care of Your Back With These Tips

Stretching this muscles regularly is important, and knowing the anatomy of back muscles is just as important because this knowledge allows you to stretch your back muscles to their fullest extent based on their location and use. For instance, stretching your neck will work the primary muscle that starts up near your cranium and goes down your back and through your shoulder blades and can help you relieve a lot of neck and back pain with regular practice.

So the anatomy of back muscles and the knowledge of them is important to knowing how your back operates on a daily basis, from maintaining proper posture and stance to utilizing proper lifting and stretching techniques that will help strengthen your back instead of weakening it because you have strain the muscles. That’s why the anatomy of back muscles is important – because the back is important, which means taking care of your back is important.

The Anatomy of Back Muscles – Help Take Care of Your Back With These Tips
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