The Anatomy of Coronary Arteries – Find Out What They Do & Why They Are Important

When you learn about the anatomy of coronary arteries, you are learning about how blood is able to be supplied to your heart. Your heart, like every other part of your body, needs to have oxygen pumped into it in order for it to work properly while also having the blood that has been used taken away so that it can receive more oxygen. That’s what your coronary arteries essentially do – it brings in the good, oxygenated blood and removes the waste blood so that your heart can continue to receive good blood.

How Many Arteries Are There?

When it comes to the anatomy of coronary arteries, there are two primary arteries that supply the heart with blood or take it away, and to make things easy they are simply called the left and right main coronary arteries. The left artery supplies blood to the heart to the left chambers and the right artery provides blood to the right chambers of the heart. Pretty simple and straight forward, right?

In addition to these two primary arteries, there are several other smaller ones that have equally important jobs. However, these smaller arteries branch off of the two primary arteries and supply blood to other portions of the heart and the body at large. It is through the coronary arteries that you basically get to do the things that you do every day.

Why Are the Coronary Arteries Important?

Without your coronary arteries, it would be impossible to function normally because not enough blood would reach your heart, and then not enough blood would reach the other portions of your body. That’s why knowing the anatomy of coronary arteries is so important. For individuals who suffer from coronary artery disease, which is the tightening or blocking of the arteries due to cholesterol or fat buildup with the walls of the artery, this is a very real problem. Not only can they experience terrible chest pains because the heart is overworking itself attempting to get the blood it needs, folks who suffer from this disease also find themselves overly fatigued because they are just not getting enough of the oxygen they need.

Improving the Health of Your Coronary Arteries

You can start today improving the health of your coronary arteries, and that’s why knowing the anatomy of coronary arteries is so important. Avoiding overly fatty foods, reducing your smoking, and maintaining a healthy weight are critical factors to improving or maintaining good coronary artery health. Otherwise you may just well end up finding yourself on a surgeon’s table undergoing a bypass surgery.

Knowing the anatomy of coronary arteries not only allows you a greater understanding of how your body functions in delivering oxygenated blood to your system, as well as knowing what health concerns may arise with improper care and how you can reverse that damage today. Improving your knowledge of the anatomy of coronary arteries may be the first toward you also improving your overall lifestyle and lengthening your expected life span.