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The Anatomy of Leg Muscles – Keep Yourself Active By Knowing This Information

When it comes to the anatomy of leg muscles, knowing how your leg muscles work can help keep you moving in this modern, active life that many of us live. There are so many muscles in your legs that we’re not going to cover all of them and what they do here today, but we will hit on the major muscles, what their purpose is, and what you can do to keep them healthy and happy. So if you have ever wanted to know a little more about the anatomy of leg muscles, this is the place to do it!

Muscles of Your Thigh

When it comes to the anatomy of leg muscles, the thigh is the upper portion of your leg between your knee and your hip. When it comes to the thigh, the muscle that most people think about is the quadriceps muscle. That is because it is the rather large muscle on the front of your thigh that acts to straighten and extend your leg. The quadriceps is actually a group of 4 muscles together, working in conjunction with each other in order to let you properly move. The other group of muscles in your thigh area is your hamstrings. The hamstrings are a group of three muscles that are located in the back of your upper thigh and they allow you to be able to flex and bend appropriately. Stretching out and exercising these muscles routinely is critical because they are critical to your movement and to the health of your knee. Strong quadriceps and hamstrings will give you flexibility and movement that is pain free. If you are experiencing knee pain, the first step that doctors often recommend is strengthening these muscle groups.

Muscles of Your Calves

In regards to the anatomy of leg muscles, your calves are the portion of your leg that is between your knee and your foot. The muscles in your calves are largely ignored and forgotten about because of all the attention that their quadriceps partners receive, but the muscles of the calves are equally important. The calves contain two primary muscles: the gastrocenemius muscle and the soleus muscle. It is through these muscles that we get our explosive speed potential, the ability to do aerobic exercises, and helps to keep the base of our movement stable.

Taking Care of These Muscles

A routine of daily exercise and stretching is important to keeping these muscles happy. Knowing the anatomy of leg muscles helps you understand that stretching out these muscles in their appropriate methods, such as long stretches instead of short, bulky stretches, well help you maintain a healthy balance and lifestyle.

It is through our knowing the anatomy of leg muscles that not only can we gain the ability to be explosive when we run, have stamina to do activities long term, and be able to participate in an active, modern lifestyle, but with proper knowledge, we can also then be able to better take cares of ourselves for the future as well.

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