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The Art of Logo Designing

Before you even start working on your logo design, it is imperative to understand the relevance and impact a logo could produce for a business for many decades to come. It is an emblem of a company’s quality, trust, recognition and values. A design thus should embody many different facets of a company in the simplest way possible. Hence, a good amount of time must be given to design a company’s logo.

As in any designing process, there are some ground-rules associated with logo designing also that must be followed to a tee. A logo must be simple or in other words it must be graphically void of any details. It is good to include some distinctive aspects of your business into the logo but you don’t need to force it. Most of the famous logos such as Nike Swoosh, McDonalds golden arches, Apple’s logo etc. do not tell you anything about the type of business they are in. On the contrary, they have become the symbols for recognizing the industries themselves. In the Brighton, East Sussex area, you can find some renowned graphic designing companies that have over the years produced unique logo ideas for famous businesses.

A logo should be memorable in the sense that it must be easily remembered even after weeks. This again depends on the simplicity of the logo and unique designing process that ensure a specific impression every time. One major variable in an effective logo is that it should be as powerful in black & white as it would be in colors. The reason behind this is to create a logo which could stand apart even in monotones thus reflecting its efficacy.

Since a logo will be used at various places and on different materials, it is important that it is scalable. This means that a logo should look clear and effective even if it is printed on the smallest product offered by the company as well as on the biggest of billboards. Hence, use of complicated designing where a lot of complex artwork is used would not serve the purpose of creating an effective and memorable logo. Many graphic designing companies in Brighton, East Sussex, provide excellent logo designing services taking into consideration above mentioned guidelines.

Once you are aware of the basic rules or guidelines, there are some other tips that could help you immensely in creating a unique logo. It is always helpful to refer back to some of the most memorable logos that have come over the decades. They will give you a general sense of important ingredients that are required for designing and how they must be incorporated in the process.

The designing process takes into account various factors and goes through a series of steps before a design is finalized to be sent to the client for approval. It starts with the research on numerous topics such as company’s history, products or services offered, competitors’ information, brand positioning, target groups, organizational culture etc. After this, the first of many designs are sketched taking into account aforementioned guidelines and research. Out of these designs some are picked for rendering so that their digital features and color combinations are tested before applying these logos to various places for checking logos’ effectiveness. The final logo selected is then sent to the client for approval.

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