The Association for Science in Autism treatment

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How Science Can Help With Autism

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The Association for Science in Autism treatment is leading the way in attempting to find a cure. There are many promising leads on treatments for Autism using scientific methods. Science can be a very broad topic, including Sociology, Biology and even Pharmacy. With all of these branches available to us it’s improbable that any illness doesn’t have some sort of cure or treatment. Given the rate of scientific progress Autism may be able to be cured in the near future.

Autism therapies work to try to dampen the symptoms, and lessen the deficits, if not cure the disorder altogether. Treatments tend to fall in one of two categories, Psychological (including learning techniques and therapy) and Medicinal.

Although, therapy and Psycho-social means have proven more effective than no therapy whatsoever, it hasn’t been nearly as successful as scientists would like. Some approaches include Applied Behavior Analysis, and structured teaching, along with many form of therapy such as: language, and occupational. Again, the Association for Science is leading the way in the battle to find great treatments and possibly a cure someday.

More than half of children diagnosed with Autism have been prescribed drugs meant to help with convulsions and depression. Aside from those there is little promising research in that development either. Most ASD patients respond to the medication but nothing more than what the pills are supposed to do. It tends to only mask symptoms if anything at all. The medications, however, can cause effects that are not exactly desirable to the cause of a cure, and no medication has been known to specifically tackle the cause or core symptoms of their social impairments. A cure could be may years away, but the treatments that are being used and tested for future use can help improve the quality of life for anyone suffering from this.

On a brighter note there have been positive results and definite progress. As much as I wish science had a magic pill to help the treatment of Autism or its symptoms, the fact is Autism is a tricky thing to solve. Hopefully, someday soon there will be something to report that is more concrete and uplifting. The Association for Science in Autism treatment is helping to make a brighter future for those suffering from this.

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