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The Basics of Water Pressure Cleaning

It’s easy to see the accumulation of dirt and debris within the house. With regular dusting and cleaning, this can be removed. However, outside of the home, buildups of grime can gather, colouring concrete surfaces, wooden decks, and even the exterior walls of the residence. A homeowner may not even notice since the changes are rather subtle.

However, water pressure cleaning can reveal the true color of the property. If a homeowner has never gotten their driveways, siding, pavements, decks, and exterior walls cleaned before, they may be stunned when they see what’s beneath all of that caked-on filth.

It’s best to let the professionals come out and wash a house with pressure cleaning, at least for the first time. This prevents the homeowner from accidentally damaging anything around the property, including flower beds and a garden, a mailbox, fences, swing sets and play areas, and more. When these professionals come by, they will use a hose that blasts water at a very high pressure. This water may be cold or hot. The temperature actually makes a big difference.

Cold water cleaning is better to get rid of those thick layers of dirt. Hot water cleaning, on the other hand, isn’t as efficient in removing dirt, but it can easily erase leftover grease or oil. Most professionals tend to prefer using hot water that can reach a scorching 250 degrees maximum. As one can imagine, at that temperature, the house and surrounding concrete should look completely clean.

Depending on the nozzle, a pressure washer can either be very efficient or not nearly as much. A nozzle that is too small severely limits the amount of water that comes out and thus cuts the pressure levels that can be achieved. It’s best to always use a nozzle that snugly fits.

Before cleaning, a homeowner may hear terms like GPM and PSI. GPM simply means gallons per minute and PSI means pounds per square inch. Both are important, with GPM determining how much water that the pressure washer sprays and PSI representing the amount of water pressure. Some washers may display the cleaning unit or CU total, which shows how thoroughly that a power washer cleans. To get the CU, just multiply the GPM and the PSI.

If the homeowner eventually becomes more comfortable with water pressure cleaning, they can choose between electric or gas-powered washers. Both have their advantages. Gas-powered washers aren’t limited by a power cord. That means that the homeowner can get the front and back of the house with no restrictions. Electric-powered washers do have a power cord that reduces mobility. However, they make a lot less noise than gas-powered washers. Besides that, the gas can emit fumes that can be dangerous if directly breathed in. Outside in the open air though, this shouldn’t be a problem.

When buying a pressure washer, it’s important to store it properly during the winter when it’s not in use. If the washer ever freezes, it could break completely. It’s best to put it in a warm or hot place until springtime arrives. Every month or so, apply antifreeze to the pump to prevent damage.

Those that just want to leave the pressure washing to the professionals should get in touch with Black Tie Cleaning & Sealing in Sydney, Australia. Get all three stories of a house cleaned, including glass, gutters, sandstone, roofs, and tiles. That deck in the backyard will look brand new again, the driveway will be pristine, and the roof colour will return closer to what the homeowner remembers it.

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