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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Cheap Scratch and Dent Sale Appliances

Buying cheap scratch and dent sale appliances is the cheapest way to get all of the appliances you need for a much cheaper price and without sacrificing on brand name goods. By buying this way you can save hundreds of dollars on white goods and even electronics to fully furnish your house. In this article we look at what these types of appliances are, where you can find them and their benefits and drawbacks.

Why Manufacturers Have Cheap Scratch and Dent Sale Appliances

There are many reasons why a manufacturer might have damaged stock on their hands. Accidents happen and machinery can sometimes malfunction. Typical human error can also result in the creation of damaged stock. As such, most manufacturers have a certain proportion of their inventory that must be sold as scratch and dent instead of as new. Depending on the actual level of damage each appliance receives these damaged whitegoods either go on sale as they are or they are scrapped. The main purpose is that the manufacturer covers any losses tied to these units.

The Positives of Cheap Scratch and Dent Sale Appliances

Since all the manufacturer is trying to do is to cover losses with their scratch and dent sales you can very nearly get these units at cost price. That is the cost of production not the cost of retail. As such, they are a great way to save money, you could even be saving half of the total retail price on each purchase. Another positive is that even though these items are damaged they are essentially still new. None of these units are ever used and used products are sold through different channels. So if you want a new product for up to half the price then buying cheap scratch and dent sale appliances is the way to go.

Where to Find Cheap Scratch and Dent Sale Appliances

There are three main outlets for these damaged appliances. In order of prices they are:

Direct: The first and cheapest of the three is directly from the manufacturer. Some producers have warehouses full of these damaged units and to clear out their inventory they allow customers to buy directly from them, sometimes from the warehouse itself to save on costs or sometimes through a scratch and dent storefront. Since the manufacturers are mainly trying to stop themselves from making a loss this is the best way to find products at cost price.

Scratch and Dent Retailers: The second most attractive option are the retail scratch and dent sellers. These businesses solely deal in these types of discounted goods and can offer fairly good prices.

Normal Appliance Sellers: This is the least lucrative of the three options but it is still a great way to save a bit of money on your purchase. Normal appliance sellers sometimes sell scratch and dent products that have been damaged on their side of the distribution process. The retailers have already paid the manufacturer and so are still looking to try and turn a profit but they are willing to put a smaller discount on each item, usually in line with the severity of the damage.

The Negatives of Cheap Scratch and Dent Sale Appliances

Of course the main negative is the most obvious one; that you will be buying a product that is damaged in some way. In the end how much of a negative this is depends on your preferences. You may wish to save more money by purchasing a unit that is more heavily damaged or you may instead just save a little bit and get one that has damage that can easily be disguised. An extra tip is to consider where you will be putting the appliance you are buying. If it is going against a wall or some furniture then try and get one where the damaged will be concealed by it’s placement.

Another negative is that sometimes scratch and dent whitegoods may not be covered by the standard manufacturer’s warranty. Most units will have some form of warranty but the exact length may be lower than you would get on an undamaged item. If you are considering buying cheap scratch and dent sale appliances without warranties then always perform a close inspection before buying so you can be assured that there is not any hidden damages.

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