The Benefits of a Community Garden

Community gardens are popping up all over America, and there are many benefits to the establishment of these gardens in communities from coast to coast.

For the community gardener, having a plot in the local community garden is a unique experience. Instead of walking out to the back yard, a trip to the community garden plot is in order and you are likely to see neighbors or meet new friends while you are there. Here are some of the greatest benefits to the community gardener.

Healthy Eating

Let’s face it. When a person suddenly gets access to a garden plot they will plant more vegetables, and vegetables are exactly the thing that most people need to eat more often as part of a healthy diet. Bringing home a basket of tomatoes and peppers every week from your own garden will increase consumption, and it tastes great too!

Chemicals Controlled

Having your own garden to produce your produce means you control all of the chemicals used along the way. You even control whether there are any chemicals at all or if the food you eat from your garden is totally organic. That means you don’t have to worry about unknown pesticides or herbicides on your food. You control the whole growing and harvesting process.

Saving Money

A typical community garden plot carries a very low annual fee. When you offset that with the money that is saved by growing your own vegetables all summer long the savings can be substantial. In fact, if you like to freeze and can your vegetables a single community garden plot will supply you an abundance of food to can, saving you even more money all Winter long.


Many people only have room for a small garden or container garden where they live. Others live in an apartment or condo where an outdoor garden is not practical. A community garden allows you to grow more food, so much so that you may find your trips to the produce section at the grocery store cut down substantially.

Learning Experience

The best way to become a better gardener is to study other gardens and observe what successful gardeners do, and a community garden is the best place to do that. The fact that you can monitor the success of dozens of gardens at once every time you stop by will educate you more than any other method. You will see first hand various planting styles, timing, garden trellis methods, weed control methods, and harvesting techniques. Just one year in the community garden will make you a better gardener.

Shared Expenses

If you use a community garden instead of your own back yard you will get further value from the site. One is that the garden plot will most likely be maintained by the community or city each year, so tilling each Spring is no longer your job. Also, a water supply on-site won’t cost you extra, so there is no added expense to you in your water bill for keeping your plants happy and watered.

These are the main benefits of gardening in a community garden. If you don’t have a community garden in your community, why not get one started? Speak to your local government now about getting a community garden up and running for next season. You might be surprised at how many other people will be interested as well if you just get the ball rolling.

If you do have access to a community garden, give it a try so that you can enjoy the many benefits of raising your produce in a community garden.