The Benefits of Quality, Custom-Made Lanyards

Lanyards are put to a great variety of uses by both businesses and individuals. We see them attached to cameras and other electronic devices. We see them used as pet leashes or fitted with a whistle at the end. Yet, one of the most common usages that lanyards serve is in the area of identification. ID badges on security personnel will typically be found attached to a lanyard and worn around the neck. Cashiers, management staff, and numerous other types of employees also sometimes wear an ID lanyard.

ID lanyards typically serve several purposes simultaneously:

  • They let customers know who is an employee in case they need to ask for assistance. They also allow the worker to be addressed more personally, by his or her actual name, which is printed on a card held by the lanyard.
  • They let potential criminals know that security guards are on duty and watching closely, thus discouraging shoplifting or other violations.
  • They often bear company logos and text that serve to advertise the company and present it well.
  • They allow business cards, keys, and other items to be kept constantly on hand without any chance of them being lost. Of course, they also do the same for ID cards.
  • Their colorful and decorative nature often helps employees to look more ‘official’ and well- presented to customers.

Security guards, in particular, will frequently wear a lanyard with a badge or ID card. These are sometimes referred to as ‘safety lanyards.’ Safety lanyards come in many forms. The length, colour, strap adjustment system, and end clip type can all vary. The quality of the dye and imprints will also vary. The material used may be polyester, nylon, PET, satin, silk, paracord, or leather. Braiding and stitching techniques will also be a factor in setting the highest quality safety lanyards apart from the run of the mill products.

Individuals or smaller companies may only need a few lanyards, but larger enterprises sometimes require dozens or even hundreds of lanyards. To get the best quality product, it is best to find a company that specialises in lanyards rather than one that produces them as a sort of ‘add-on’ service. You want a company that can customise your safety lanyards to your exact specifications and that can give you a product that will last for many years to come.

Ordering new lanyards can often be done online these days, which will save time and hassle. Some companies that sell online, like the Lanyards Factory, can ship plain lanyards on one day’s notice and printed ones within five days. Sometimes, when you are pressed for time, a quick response such as that will be important. Definitely make sure that the company you order from has a history of delivering orders promptly and correctly. You should not have to struggle to get your order- you want a provider that will make things simple, fast, and easy for you.

While the lanyard is a simple, basic product, in many situations, it serves an important function. When security personnel are outfitted with sharp-looking safety lanyards, for example, your establishment appears more professional and customer confidence is boosted. You want to be fully stocked with backup supplies of basic equipment like lanyards so that you will not run out easily. It is always best to pre-plan your new orders well in advance as well to avoid having to make emergency orders. Your lanyards are, perhaps, a small detail of your business, but they can nonetheless contribute to the overall success of your company in practical, concrete ways.