The Best Alternative to PayPal is Intuit's Payment Network

Have you been searching for a PayPal Alternative? Intuit’s Payment Network is the best and ultimate way to send and receive money online. If you are tired of PayPal’s high fees and policies then Intuit Payment Network is a great alternative to PayPal. Payment Network is from the makers of turbo tax and quick-books. It’s a very reputable online company that has been around for years and businesses and consumers trust. Intuit Payment Network is a lot like PayPal but there are several differences. The first being that Payment Network only charges .50 cents to receive your funds. It’s free to send money. Yes, you read right 2 quarters is what they charge! You can get sent $5,000 and they are going to take 50 cents only. They don’t charge 3% plus .30 cents of the money you receive like PayPal does.
Secondly, you get your money quicker than PayPal. It’s usually within 1 business day, not 3-5 business days like PayPal. It’s the same setup as PayPal you send and receive money with your email address. You can ad payment links or payment carts on your website or blog. The great thing about Intuit Payment network is once you receive a payment it’s sent to your bank account immediately that you used when you signed up. Intuit Payment Network is a simple and easy to use alternative to PayPal.

Another difference between PayPal and Intuit Payment Network is that when you send someone a payment, Payment Network takes the payment straight from your bank account or (debit Card) not credit cards. They do this so you wont gave to incur high fees from using credit cards and that’s how they are able to charge only a measly .50 cents.

If you don’t want to stop using PayPal, Payment Network is great for when you receive large sums of money.
You can utilize Payment Network and PayPal at your convenience. Intuit Payment Network is great for anyone that has gotten their PayPal account banned or suspended. So if you are looking for a PayPal alternative, Inuit Payment Network is my best recommendation for you. I have been using them for over a year now and its been awesome. They have great customer service without long hold times like PayPal and the customer representatives are kind and very helpful. Try Intuit Payment Network today.