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The Best Android Streaming Device: Chromecast vs Roku vs Elgato EyeTV vs Minix Neo G4

Chromecast is undoubtedly the most popular device for streaming services, but there are others too. The Elgato EyeTV, Roku and Minix Neo G4; these too seem to give competition to Chromecast. It is all about which one is the best. The article presents information on each one of these to help you make the best choice.

Chromecast is the most popular as a streaming device for Android users. Even though, there are many streaming services that are available online, but each one is unique and different. For example, what you will find in Roku will be different than Elgato EyeTV, and whatever Minix Neo G4 is offering will be different from what Chrome is offering. Let us try and understand through this article about the best streaming device.

Google Chromecast

The Google streaming device is available for $35 that provides an HDMI stick for connecting to your TV set. You can easily plug it at the back of your TV set. It is all about its availability to all the users that make it popular amongst a majority of people. You can easily connect it with your Wi-Fi to get started. The device is capable of working with your favorite apps, just by pressing the ‘Cast’ button your content appears. You can stream your favorite tunes, play music, stream YouTube and access Google Drive.

You can even use it with third party apps like Plex, AllCast and Stevie. However, remember that the streaming quality varies on the Wi-Fi connectivity. If you are expecting a 1080p but the Wi-Fi is not good then it would be flawed too. Nonetheless, you can always switch between different apps as it still would be responsive and quick.

Elgato EyeTV W

Priced at $109.33 the device is popular for its software that enables in-game recording. The EyeTV is wireless and helps in streaming live TV to any given Android device. The battery and power indication are depicted with two lights at the bottom of the unit. You can easily tune into various channels through Freeview service.

The initial set up for EyeTV requires exact placement of the aerial that would help stream services. Additionally, the user is entitled to choose the quality of streaming services, except HD services that are not yet available. When the connectivity is established, you will be able to access numerous channels. You will appreciate it for its impressive streaming quality with seamless feed. All this is made possible by the in-built Wi-Fi hotspot.


Roku is available at $49.99, and it is recommended as the second best device. The unit works with an AC adapter that works as a mini USB port. You can plug it into your TV directly and use it with a remote that will control the UI of Roku. The best to appreciate about this device is that it is directly linked to your TV set. If you want, you can download the Roku used app that can help you control its UI. The UI is easy to be used equally for both an advanced level user and the beginner.

Minix Neo G4

Minix is not so popular, but it has its charm and unique features as compared to other services. For beginners, it is lightweight and portable. You can easily connect it to any device using numerous connectivity port options. You need not plug it in your TV but use the HDMI port for establishing connectivity. There are several ports like OTG that will help connect your Android tablet or your Android Smartphone. Another is USB port that will help you connect the device to your PC, and there is micro SD slot for APK files.

Content streaming with Neo G4 is not as good you need to know that the video will be of low-quality. Another thing is that you will need to sign in using your Google account and download apps that are compatible with it.

Each of the above-given streaming devices has unique features and abilities. Undoubtedly, Chromecast and Roku do seem to lead ahead, but it all depends on individual requirements.

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