The Best Backpack Blower: Options for You

The Best Backpack Blower Has Reduced Fuel Emissions and Other Valuable Features

The beauty of backpack blowers is that they can make short work of an untidy garden. No more frustrating sweeping and raking only to have the wind blow your piles of leaves and debris all over the place again. The best backpack blower will keep garden refuse under control. The different models have been designed for ease of use, sufficient power and efficiency, regardless of whether you have a tiny city garden or a piece of farmland. The best backpack blower for you will always have a host of useful features and are a breeze to use, are available in electric-, battery-powered as well as low-emission, gasoline-powered engines. Some of them come with attachments which enable them to be used for other difficult cleaning chores.

With, backpack blower buyers can enjoy researching prices and specs 24/7 and they can also keep a lookout for markdowns and deals. From books to clothes to sport equipment to landscaping products, Amazon has it all, and as the largest and most visited online retail site with excellent customer reviews and star ratings on each product, customers can make an informed buying decision. All of the backpack blowers featured here are indeed the best models available on Amazon. I’ve narrowed it down to the three of the best backpack blowers based on my own research of the features and the customer reviews on Amazon. All of the models here have at least a 3.8 average rating or higher out of 5 stars. Take a look around, click on images or links for more info, bigger pictures or to shop.

Husqvarna 350BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle X-Torq Gas Powered 180 MPH Midsize Back Pack Blower

The Husqvarna 350BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle X-Torq Gas Powered 180 MPH Midsize Back Pack Blower (CARB Compliant) gets a 4.6 star rating out of 5 and is priced at $299.95. For this reasonable price you get a blower which both professional landscape contractors as well as homeowners will find extremely useful. With 2.1-horsepower and a power speed of 7,500 RPM, this blower makes short work of garden refuse.

The 42.27-ounce tank blower is lightweight but powerful, and environmentally conscious gardeners will appreciate the reduced emissions as well as the better fuel economy. Add to that the fact the harness and controls are also ergonomically designed. This CARB compliant blower also has a fan speed which can be set for easier handling. The hip belt molds into the shape of the operator and the handle is adjustable for easy maneuvering. This excellent blower also comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

Husqvarna 130BT 29.5cc 2 Stroke 145 MPH Gas Powered Back Pack Blower With Tube Mounted Throttle

The Husqvarna 130BT 29.5cc 2 Stroke 145 MPH Gas Powered Back Pack Blower With Tube Mounted Throttle is priced at $259.95 and gets a 4.3 star rating out of 5. The Husqvarna 130BT is lightweight and will be of particular interest to anybody with a large piece of ground to care for. The padded harness for the operator also means long hours of work in comfort. The handle is also adjustable, and for extra comfort, has rubber inserts for a comfortable grip. The blower, with an X-Torq engine is easy to use and it is known for its excellent fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Troy-Bilt TB4BP 32cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered 150 mph Back Pack Blower

The Troy-Bilt TB4BP 32cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered 150 MPH Back Pack Blower 42.27-ounce tank blower gets a 3.8 star rating out of 5 and is priced at $246.42. With its compression release starting system, this 32cc gas backpack blower makes the cleaning up of leaves and grass clippings quick and easy. The padded harness makes your clean-up job comfortable, and the fact that the blower can generate up 150 mph, and that it also has a large 20oz fuel tank for longer use, means that this easy-to start and user-friendly leaf blower will help you clean up with less strain and less exhaust emissions in no time at all.

Picking up leaves and other garden debris with the best backpack blowers is no longer a time-consuming task. Carried in a harness on your back, and with high blowing speeds and low vibration levels, the best backpack blowers have fantastic ergonomic features like padded harnesses and rubbery handles to ensure working is always comfortable and without stain to the hands or shoulders.