The Best Books On Life After Death Experiences Cheap

NDE or Near Death Experiences. Do you believe?

As a spectator who has never had an NDE or near death experience,I find myself searching for the truth about people who claim to have them. Are they real? Do people really leave their body and experience things that we have no idea about? Does God really send people a message and then send them back to tell us or warn us?

This story was on Dr. Oz before so if you missed that show, here is the story again because it is about a non believer who was also a doctor. She didn’t believe in NDE until it happened to her.

Dr. Mary Neal drowned while she was on vacation. She got trapped in the water and as she gave her life up she said she felt enveloped with a sensation that someone was holding her and she felt so comforted. Even though she thought about her husband and kids, she felt as if they were going to be fine. Then suddenly she felt free from her body and she floated above the river. Spirits came to guide her on her journey and she said there were about 10 to 12 of them.

She claimed that she could see what was going on, that while she was with these spirits, she could see the people working on her, giving her CPR and a younger boy kept begging her to take a breath. So she did and it would take her back to her body where she could take a breath and then she would join the spirits once again as they moved towards this great hall. She fell in her spirit that she was going home.

The spirits told her it wasn’t her time and there was some things she still had to do. Reluctantly, she came back to her body. Here is a surgeon, who now says she is here to protect her husband’s health and to be a spiritual rock.

Why do these things happen and why do people die and come back? Is it God’s way of telling us that there is life after death? Is there a purpose for all of this. So many stories can be found in books and in video that it can’t all be from drugs or dreams.

Many of you have already heard of the little boy who at 4 years old had surgery and while he was under the knife, he died and met Jesus. His story is amazing. It’s called Heaven is For Real.

It took a few years until his Dad realized just what was going on. His father was a preacher and believed in God but he had no clue what his son went through until little bits and pieces started coming out. The Dad realized just what happened and the story one that you will want to read if you haven’t yet.

Into The Light is another book that involves 16 different people who have had encounters with angelic beings. Do you believe it? Or not? Why is it that it only happens to certain people? Perhaps this book will give you the answers that you are asking.

Science and the Near Death Experience is another book that will have you asking questions. Is it real, or not? What do you think?