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The Best Candle Is A Mia Bella Candle!

I guess you could say this is a review of my favorite Mia Bella Candle! Actually, there is not one favorite, but many. I have had this love for candles ever since I was introduced to a little scented votive a few years back. What happened was I was searching for some part time work because my husband had a total knee replacement and of course his income was reduced drastically. So I found this little candle company online and the distributor sent me a Hot Apple Pie!

When I burned that votive one night, my whole kitchen smelled delicious! Needless to say I did not get into the business of selling candles for another year. But when I did, it had to be a Mia Bella Candle and I’ve been a distributor faithfully for 4 years now. It’s not that I make it my full time business, I don’t. I work in a nursing home and online, but because I can retail what I love, it helps me earn extra money to do the stuff I couldn’t do without a bit of help.

Like going to the Florida Keys! One year, hubby and I took off to the Keys and it was basically paid for by my part time retailing of candles! We found a really inexpensive hotel there right near Key West that I didn’t have to spend any excess on because my Mia Bella Candle business paid for it.

We took a motorcycle trip to Ocean City during bike week one September. It was fun and the apartment we stayed in was paid for when I had two parties a few weeks before we left. That’s the great thing, I can earn what I need or want with this business, depending on how much I want to work! Having a job in a nursing home and writing online takes a lot of my time. Then there is the grown up kids and grand kids too. We are a close family so we’re always on the go doing something fun.

My house smells unbelievable! I have these burners that I put melts in and my favorite right now is Sierra Woods. It smells classy and yet woodsy. I usually have Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper in because it is such a clean smell but every now and then I like to stir things up!

Here’s another reason I love my Mia Bella Candle! The weather is getting hot outside and those darn bugs and flies do not mess with my porch anymore because I usually like to burn a Lemon Verbana candle! It seems to draw them away from my table and so I don’t have to spend a fortune for spray. The Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper works the same way. It must be the citrus in the scent.

Here’s another reason! I could go on and on but I ‘m a big advocate of American-owned companies and these candles are proudly made in the USA! Plus, they are ‘green’ all natural made out of proprietary vegetable waxes with two cotton wicks and you never will see a bunch of black smoke.

One night my son’s girlfriend left me a brand name candle and so I burned it along side my Mia Bella Candle. Ha! In three hours that brand name candle was black and the soot coming from it was crazy! My candle, however, was burning nice and even and NO SOOT!

That’s why I love being part of this great company!

Oh and the owners crack me up! Watch this video!

What’s your favorite scent and your favorite candle company? Would love to hear from you!

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