News The Best Car Outlet Adapter Splitters

The Best Car Outlet Adapter Splitters


If you need more power in the car, a car outlet adapter or splitter is a great idea. The best car outlet adapter splitters for you will depend on how much power you need, where you need it, and how your car is configured. Here are some of the best bets.

The Best Car Outlet Adapter Splitters

Short Chord 2 Outlet Adapter

The Best Car Outlet Adapter Splitters

If you just need to turn your cigarette lighter power supply into two, a 2 outlet adapter with a short cord will do nicely. One of the best is the Roadpro Adapter with a short cord. It is inexpensive and does the trick without adding a long cord that would get in your way. The short cord allows you to place the new power supplies a short distance from the car’s lighter slot which is a must if that slot is in a spot that is unforgiving and would not accommodate a one-piece power splitter.

The Best Car Outlet Adapter Splitters
One Piece Socket Adapter

The Best Car Outlet Adapter Splitters

If your car’s current power supply area allows the space, a one piece socket adapter is a great choice. Since it has no cords at all you won’t get tangled up in one of these little devices. A great option is the Car Mate Socket Adapter that has a small profile and dual sockets. It lights the inputs with a blue LED with is nice in the dark and the unit flips the new inputs 90 degrees, so you can adjust it to the position that works best for your vehicle and keep the profile of the plugged-in cords low.

The Best Car Outlet Adapter Splitters
Cup Holder Power Adapter

The Best Car Outlet Adapter Splitters

There is a really neat option that sit right in one of your cup holders. This makes plugging in your device is as convenient as can be. If your current cigarette lighter is in an out-of-the-way spot, a cup holder cigarette lighter adapter like the Wagan Twin Power Adapter is a great option. It will not only give you more than one power slot, but you will get USB inputs as well, so this is a versatile car power outlet splitter.

End Power Woes

If you have ever struggled to plug in a device in an inconvenient power outlet, tried to run a cord to the back seat, or just had to rotate between two devices on a long road trip, you will appreciate a the convenience of a good car power adapter. The best car outlet adapter splitters for your car will depend on the car’s design and where you need the power, so select the best car power splitter for you and end your power woes forever.

The Best Car Outlet Adapter Splitters
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