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The Best Cell Phones for the Money


With so many to choose from, how do you choose the best cell phone for the money? It seems almost everyone has a cell phone these days. Even preteens have their own smart phones. These phones have all of the latest and greatest features like, Internet access, cameras, texting, and the ability to download apps, software applications that do just about some of everything you can imagine. These high tech devices have become the new don’t leave home without it item. Cell phones are so ingrained in our lives that some people wonder that it’s hard to imagine how we ever did without them. There are a couple of generations that have only used wireless phones to make a telephone call and there will only be more users and more cost. So how do you go about choosing the best cell phone for the money?

$900/mo. or the Best Cell Phones for the Money

You have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a new phone. But with everyone owning a cell phone the old law of supply and demand comes into play making cell phones very expensive. Back in the day, it wasn’t uncommon to hear stories about $900.00 or more phone bills. Trust me, I know that at least one of those stories (mine) is true. Clearly most people can’t afford and/or don’t want that kind of phone bill. But since then, cell phone providers have devised more affordable phone plans that make it easier for families to own cell phones. Unfortunately, with a weak economy, layoffs, and families struggling to make ends meet, cell phones are still too expensive for many people. This has led many buyers to turn to prepaid cell phones as the best cell phones for the money.

Prepaid Cell Phones – The Best Cell Phones for the Money

Prepaid cell phones were once considered the cell phone lite version of the more popular brand name phones but now they’re growing in popularity. Consumers are finding that prepaid cell phones are very reliable and have most, if not all of the same great features, that their more well known counterparts have without the $900.00 phone bill and the 2 year contract. The chart below shows why prepaid cell phones are the best phones for the money.

Why Prepaid Cell Phones are the

Best Cell Phones for the Money


Buy an inexpensive phone and pay for service as you go


High Speed Internet Access, Texting, Camera, Games


Very similar to the more popular brands

No Long Term Contract

Change phones/providers anytime without heavy penalties

Family Plan

Affordable for the whole family

No Bills

Prepaid – You can’t overspend

Control of Your Money

Peace of mind

Search Engine Submission – AddMe

The Best Cell Phones for the Money & Easy to Use

If you can use a traditional cell phone you can use a prepaid phone because they’re a lot alike. There’s (2) two major differences between cell phones from the major provider providers and prepaid cell phones. One of those differences is the way you activate prepaid phones by calling a telephone number that comes on an activation card that with the cell phone. The second, and main difference between the two is the way you pay for your airtime. Some prepaid plans offer telephone calling cards that are loaded with a certain amount of minutes. So you can buy calling cards of 60, or 120 minutes or more. You can also buy minutes online with a credit card with some plans. Once your minutes are loaded, you can use your phone just like any other phone until your minutes run out. You can always add minutes anytime you like.

Where to Buy The Best Cell Phones for the Money

You can buy prepaid cell phones at most major retailers or online. The main difference between prepaid and traditional phones is that you get a bill from one of them and you prepay the other. That’s why prepaid cell phones are the best cell phones for the money.

The Best Cell Phones for the Money
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