News The Best Cheap Globe Shoes on Sale

The Best Cheap Globe Shoes on Sale


Even though they are a world-reknown skateboarding footwear company and have some of the highest selling trainers and sneakers for men on the market, most of the top-rated Globe shoes are not very cheap. In fact, they are some of the most expensive models of any brand on sale today, averaging up to $90 in price when brand new. The models being referred to are the Sabre and the Fusion, which are no doubt among the best quality skateboarding trainers on the market and have plenty of advanced features to make their high price justifiable. However, not everyone can afford these sneakers, and that is why cheap Globe shoes are always so high in demand. If you are looking for a great pair of affordable kicks made by this extremely respected and reputable brand, then this list of the most inexpensive models on sale in 2012–whether regularly or due to a special discount–will be of much use to you.

Top 3 Cheap Globe Shoes on Sale 2011 – 2012

The Best Cheap Globe Shoes on Sale

Scribe Skateboarding Sneakers

Regular Cost: $80

Discount Price: $40 – $75

For a pair of trainers that are normally rather expensive, you can get these top-rated Scribe sneakers at a very affordable price on Amazon depending on what size and color you want. There are quite a few colors to choose from, too, including:

  • black/charcoal/green
  • black/charcoal/white
  • black/white/dip
  • black/gum
  • white/gray/red
  • black/white/grey

In addition to the variety of color options, and being some of the most stylish cheap Globe shoes available, they also have several awesome features that enhance comfort and durability, making them excellent skateboarding trainers that are able to last a long time. In terms of comfortability, the Scribe has a thick, padded collar and mesh tongue, a textile lining, a cushioning insole, and double-elastic keeper straps. For durability and performance, these popular cheap Globe shoes feature a triple-stitched upper construction of perforated leather or suede, a shock-absorbing midsole, and a grippy rubber outsole.

The Best Cheap Globe Shoes on Sale

Pulse Skate Trainers

Regular Cost: $75

Discount Price: $50 – $70

Here is another pair of skateboarding sneakers that are relatively expensive at normal retail prices, but can easily be found on sale for a much more affordable cost. The Pulse is a very popular model that is made mostly for skateboarding purposes, but also have enough stylish options to choose from that they are often bought for casual wear as well. They come in several colors, including:

  • black/white
  • white/black/gold (Jason Ellis Edition)
  • black/charcoal (Jason Ellis Edition)
  • white/black/gold
  • chocolate/carmello puzzle

As mentioned, the Pulse sneakers are known to be cheap Globe shoes that are ideal for skating, and this is due to their many features that enhance the durability and performance. This includes: the tough leather construction; soft, fully-exposed EVA midsoles; breathable, slip-resistant linings; and T-Toe construction.

The Best Cheap Globe Shoes on Sale

Men’s Encore Sneakers

Regular Cost: $70

Discount Price: $30 – $65

Finally we come to the most affordable model – the Encore. As some of the cheapest Globe shoes on sale for men, the Encores are also some of the most versatile and are designed to be equally as good for skateboarding purposes as they are for casual and stylish comfortable footwear. They are made with a lightweight, yet durable leather and textile material, and have breathable, slip resistant linings. This popular pair of cheap Globe shoes also has a triple-stitched, double-layered toecap for superior durability and come in a variety of color options like:

  • white/black/gum
  • black/white
  • black/gray/red
  • misty blue/yellow
  • plum
  • tan/chocolate
  • cobalt/orange/yellow

Although most of this brand’s skateboarding trainers and casual sneakers are a bit more pricey compared to other brands like Vans or Fallen, there are still many models that are marked at pretty affordable and inexpensive prices, especially if they are on discount. If none of the cheap Globe shoes listed in these reviews didn’t interest you, there’s no need to be discouraged, because there are quite a few other nice pairs on sale worth considering.

The Best Cheap Globe Shoes on Sale
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