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The Best Cheap Laptops Under $150 for Sale

In this modern day and age, cheap laptops can be found on sale fairly easily, but the notebooks you see for under $150 dollars are not always the best quality. It depends a lot on what you need in your portable computer, in terms of features and capabilities.

Most laptops under $150 lack the kind of power and speed as those that are in a higher price range from $300 to $500. These discount notebooks may also not be as portable as the more expensive models. You have to remember that with price comes perks, and you often have to sacrifice some of those fancy features and add-ons. However, many consumers aren’t looking for something super advanced and are willing to settle for a cheap laptop, but would rather buy a brand new notebook computer for an affordable price rather than a used or refurbished model. For those people, this review for the one of the best laptops under $150 for sale in 2012 should be quite beneficial to you. I made sure I researched to find the most popular and top-rated discount notebook on the market and tried to provide a thorough description of each option.

The Best Cheap Laptop Under $150 Dollars in 2012

Dell Laptops Under $150

Dell Latitude D630 Notebook Computer

Average Price: $130 – $180

Dell has always been a brand name known for their low and affordable prices, and college students especially have been taking advantage of this and that is a big reason why this company is so popular. The Dell Latitude is one of their top-selling notebooks and this particular model, the D630, are now the best option in 2012 when it comes to brand new cheap laptops under $150 dollars, depending on which website you buy from. This budget notebook is ideal for many uses and is very versatile. It comes complete with 512 MB of RAM and 60 GB of hard drive space, which isn’t too bad considering how inexpensive it is. At only 5.1 pounds, these portable computers are quite lightweight and compact, while still having great performance and graphics. Some of the other features the Dell Latitude D630 cheap laptops come with include a Microsoft Windows XP operating system, a 1.8 GHz Intel CPU, a 1280 x 800 widescreen display, a touchpad and a built-in DVD drive.

How to Buy Cheap Laptops Under $150

The Dell Latitude D630 is definitely the most popular and top-rated discount notebook computers in terms of brand new models, but in many cases, you would have to settle with a netbook instead. It’s easy to find netbooks under $200, and they are just much smaller versions of notebooks, often with weaker processors, as well as less battery life, hard drive and RAM space, and other special features. Sometimes the best option is to instead look for used or refurbished laptops for sale under $150 dollars. By doing this, you can save money while at the same time not sacrificing quality and allowing yourself to buy a more advanced notebook computer that is normally relatively expensive.

There are many websites online, including Amazon, that sell refurbished notebook computers for very affordable costs. Let’s say you wanted one of the more expensive Dell Latitudes instead of the cheap laptop featured above, but don’t want to spend $400 or $500. You could likely find the model you desire for a super-low price if you choose a refurbished version. Buying a used notebook would save you even more money, but then you run a risk of getting a poor-quality product. The reason refurbished models are the better option is because they are still marked at a lower priced since they’re used, but they have been professionally cleaned up and restored to be almost as good as new, so the quality is not an issue. Aside from these tips, there is also the old method of catching a good sale on the web. There are actually a decent amount of cheap laptops under $150 for sale online, but you have to search for them and get to it before everyone else does, because deals like that do not last long at all.

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