The Best Cheap Paintball Guns Under $100 for Sale

Whether you are new to this particular sport or hobby, or you are experienced but just need a cheap marker for an upcoming match because you are on a budget, you probably are interested in what the best paintball guns under $100 dollars are. If so, you are in luck, because here you will discover three of the top-rated models for sale on Amazon at an extremely affordable, discount price. Paintballing can be quite expensive, with all of the extra gear and components you need, not to mention the fees you often pay simply to play on a field, so there is no shame in buying such cheap paintball guns. They are made by top companies like Kingman and Tippmann, and there is a reason they have such good ratings.

Top 2 Cheap Paintball Guns for Sale Under $100 Dollars – 2012

MR1 Spyder Paintball Guns Under $100 for Sale

Kingman Spyder MR1 Paintball Marker

New: $150
Used: $78

While the Spyder MR1 does cost more than a hundred bucks when it’s brand new in most cases, you can get them for much less on Amazon. These popular markers operate on CO2 or compressed air and feature a quick-strip Deltrin bolt, a standard picatinny rail if you want to mount things like sights or scopes, a two-finger trigger, and an aluminum magazine-style foregrip. In addition to all of this, the Spyder M1 is among the best semi-automatic paintball guns for sale and have a few other good components such as a removable composite shoulder stock, angled bottomline with drop forward, an ergonomically-designed aluminum trigger frame and a durable matte anodized finish with 100% aluminum construction.

Xtra Spyder Paintball Guns Under $100 for Sale

Kingman Spyder Xtra Paintball Marker

New: $140
Used: $70

Here is another discounted marker that you can buy on Amazon for less than one hundred dollars, both new and second-hand. The Xtra is an excellent choice because it’s pretty nice for being so inexpensive with its sleek, re-designed, contour body milling and 9.5-inch aluminum barrel. These Spyder paintball guns under $100 also feature non-slip rubber grip panels, an ergonomic, double finger trigger frame and a durable finish made with an anodized dusted matte that is capable of holding up to plenty of abuse and makes the marker much easier to clean and maintain. Measuring 15-by-3-by-13 inches and weighing about 5 pounds, but one important thing to note is that they may not be available for sale in certain zip codes.

How to Buy the Best Paintball Guns Under $100 Dollars

As you can see, the top markers normally cost a little above this particular price threshold, but they are listed due to their generous discount. It is hard to find good paintball guns under $100 that are brand new, and this is simply because they would have to lack so much quality that they wouldn’t even be worth buying. It costs money for these manufacters to make markers and components like hoppers, barrels and scopes.

While the above two models are definitely great options to consider, it is sometimes better to shop for second-hand or refurbished ones instead. By doing this, you can get your hands on some amazing used paintball guns for sale that were originally a lot more expensive, meaning they probably have nicer features and components than any brand new marker priced in the same range.