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The Best Coffee Maker for One Cup of Delicious but Cheap Coffee


If you are looking for the best coffee maker to get one cup at a time of delicious coffee without the higher price and hassle of inserts or pods, your search is over. You can enjoy the convenience of a single serving coffee maker without the high price and constant inventory of inserts.

The Hamilton Beach single serve scoop coffee maker is at the top of the class when it comes to a high quality cup of coffee that will keep your ongoing costs to the bare minimum. It is among the hottest coffee makers out there for a single cup and there are some very good reasons why. It keeps costs down and it is versatile.

The Best Coffee Maker for One Cup of Delicious but Cheap CoffeeThe Best Coffee Maker for One Cup of Delicious but Cheap Coffee
The Hamilton Beach keeps the cost of a cup of coffee down for these reasons. First, there are no filters, pods, or inserts necessary. Nothing at all is needed except your favorite coffee. You will not have to run to the store for these supplies and you won’t need pantry space to store them. Because of this, your favorite house brand is perfectly fine. If you want to use a premium coffee or grind your own beans that is an option as well, but you get to decide. The cost of your morning cup of inspiration is up to you.

When it comes to convenience, the Hamilton Beach single serve coffee maker hits the mark. It comes with two scoops so that you can measure accurately and produce the same quality coffee every time. With no filters there is no excess garbage, and the machine is tall enough to fit both your favorite home coffee cup and your favorite travel mug, perfect for when you are on the go.

Don’t worry about the appearance either. This machine has you covered with a stylish stainless steel exterior that looks modern yet classic in the kitchen. The temperature of the coffee is plenty hot as well – a frequent complaint in single serve coffee machines that wont’ be an issue with this one.

Other features that you will enjoy include the small size, easy to keep on the counter all day or to set into a cupboard when not in use. The brewing process is fast and quiet, unlike some competitors that will awaken a nearby napper. There are both bold and regular settings when brewing which means you will be able to adjust the process to get the perfect amount of ‘bold’ that you are searching for. For tea drinkers, simply leaving the scoop empty will result in a hot cup of water ready for your favorite tea bag. That works great for hot chocolate too.

The Hamilton Beach single serve scoop coffee maker is the perfect blend of size, convenience, and quality in a coffee maker that allows you to make all of your favorite coffee without added expenses of filters, pods, and inserts. It is the best coffee maker for one cup of delicious coffee that won’t cost you a bundle to operate. Your search is over – pick up the Hamilton Beach coffee maker now and start enjoying delicious but cheap coffee, one cup at a time.

The Best Coffee Maker for One Cup of Delicious but Cheap Coffee
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