The Best Color Printers for Small Business

The best color printers for small business combine the speed and reliability of large commercial copiers with the quality of photo printers. Finding the right printer may seem like a daunting task but the small business owner should consider the following factors before purchasing a color printer for their business.

Machine Cost

Many small business color printers are quite inexpensive with some costing less than $100. Different color printer manufacturers like Hewlett Packard, Epson and Canon have different strategies when it comes to selling color printers and ink. Be careful, many manufacturers will try to make their profit by charging exorbitant amounts for the printer ink.


Look for a machine that prints around 10 color per minute and about 15 per minute in black and white. There is no sense in having a printer that will make you wait all day for a relatively small print job. A color printer in the office will save a lot of time and energy by avoiding the local copy shop. If you do need a larger job, you can still visit the printer and have the job done affordably.

Print Resolution

Print resolution is extremely important if you are going to include a lot of pictures in your printed material. If you only need black and white or simple color graphics, almost any printer on the market will do a reasonable job. For color photos, however, a ‘photo’ grade printer is absolutely necessary to avoid the problems of pixilation in a photo. In addition, look for a printer that comes with a quality setting so that you can choose between speed and quality.

Ink Cartridge Cost

The cost of ink cartridges for the best color printers for small business are reasonable and provide a low average cost per print. Some cartridges may seem expensive but if they let you print 1-2000 prints, they may still be a good value. A small business owner must balance the cost of the printer with the cost of the ink to find the best overall value.

The Bottom Line

There are hundreds of resources and articles to help the owner find the best color printers fr small business. A little time and education will go a long way in finding the right machine to fit your needs.