The Best Easy Bib For Baby

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If you have a new baby in the house or if you have friends or family that have a recent addition, chances are a bib will be in order. Many people run out and buy baby outfits with bibs included, mostly made of fabric or with characters sewn into them. Those outfits are incredibly cute, but these cute baby bibs leave something to be desired.

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Such bibs get wet easily and also hold onto stains. They are not easy to clean and they take forever to dry, so if you want to leave them out to dry between meals they will most likely be wet all day.

The best bib for baby is one that is not made of cloth at all, but before you buy any old plastic bib you need to know that they are not all the same. Many plastic bibs are too rigid and don’t hang naturally on your baby. They may even be rough on the little one’s skin.

The best bib for parents and babies alike that are not made of cloth are the Bumkins waterproof bibs. This is the first bib I would buy to build my bib collection.

Bumkins are waterproof, which means that liquid rolls right off. They also have a pocket to catch the drips and any little bits of food that get by the baby, and you know there will be plenty.

The best part about the Bumkins bibs is that they are very easy to clean. You can simply wash them in some running water quickly and hang them to dry. Unlike their cloth counterparts, Bumkins will dry out quickly and be ready for the next meal. Stains are not an issue.

Another great thing is that unlike other plastic bibs, the Bumpkins waterproof bibs are soft and feel more like fabric than plastic. They are gentle on babies skin and adhere to the contours of your baby rather naturally, instead of sticking out like a piece of cardboard as other plastic bibs do. They also come in all sorts of colors and designs, so you can find just the right match for your baby.

Bumkins bibs should be your everyday bibs of choice. The cut cloth bibs are great for being out and about with your baby, but when eating time comes around you’ll be glad you have a Bumkins bib on hand. It’s the best easy bib for your baby.

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