The Best Exercise to Tone Butt and Tone Legs

There is one exercise that will tone your legs and tone your butt at the same time. This exercise will actually tone your legs right from your ankles right up to your butt and hit your butt as well. It’s true because I have the tight firm butt to prove it. Sorry, no I can’t show you but if you take my advice and try this exercise for a minimum of 4 weeks I guarantee you will have incredible results and chances are you might just come back here and thank me for helping you tone your butt.

The exercise I am talking about is called a walking lunge. The best part about this exercise is that you can increase the intensity by just walking farther each workout or adding weight by holding dumbbells at your sides.
You can do this exercise anywhere anytime. Down your street, in your basement, through your house, at the gym, at work, at the park, anywhere you have room to walk means you have room to perform this exercise which also means you have room and a place to tone your butt.

How to perform walking lunges

1) Stand as you would just before starting to walk. Hold your hands at your sides or if you find you need to balance yourself a bit you can hold our arms outward or hands up by your head. Whatever feels good to you.

2) A walking lunge is simply stepping forward with one leg but before you step with the other leg you step forward and plant your front foot and then squat down so that your leading leg’s thigh becomes parallel to the ground. If you go a bit lower you will really work your buttocks.

3) After squatting down with your first step forward you can now rise up and then take your other leg and step forward and execute the same way for that leg. Then step forward with the next leg and so on. It is that simple.

4) For the next 4 weeks perform the exercise 2 to 3 times a week increasing the amount of steps you take by at least one step per leg each workout. Perform 3 sets per workout. So if you perform the exercise and take 15 walking lunges per leg that would be 1 set. You will need to perform to more sets to make 3.

The walking lunge exercise seems like a really easy exercise to perform and your right it is. So why doesn’t everyone have a firm and toned butt? Well not knowing what really works or there’s always the laziness aspect .

So give this exercise a shot and I know you will be amazed at how well it works.