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The Best Fathers Day Colognes

Whether you’re shopping for your husband, your dad, or your grandfather, there are a few options out there for the best Father’s Day cologne you could give him. Scents that combine fresh and spicy, sometimes with a bit of wood, are perfect due to their complexity.

  • Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb: Spicebomb comes in an interesting bottle that looks like a grenade. Despite the name, it isn’t as strong as its sister, Flowerbomb. It’s weaker and has less projection, but it’s still a masterpiece that combines zesty bergamot and grapefruit with the spiciness of cinnamon, chili, and saffron. The bottom notes consist of tobacco, leather, and balsam fir for a strong, manly fragrance.
  • Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men: This scent isn’t so sexy that you couldn’t give it to your dad or grandpa, but it’s also a suitable gift for your husband. It’s a comforting scent, made up of basil (a note that isn’t in too many fragrances), coriander, and grapefruit on top; cardamom, ginger, and orange blossom in the middle; and then settles down into tobacco, cedar wood, and ambergris, according to Ulta’s description of the notes. This one’s warm, with medium projection, and lasts almost all day.
  • Christian Dior Pour Homme: This is a men’s cologne that’s perfect for snuggling up with. The notes include lavender (relaxing!), sage, iris (which gives it a hint of powder), cocoa bean, leather, patchouli, vetiver, amber, and cardamom, according to the notes list on Sephora.


  • Artisan John Varvatos Cologne: This is one of the best Father’s Day colognes not only because of the intensely complex scent, but because of its beautiful hand-woven rattan bottle. It’s a mix of citrus fruits, like tangelo, Sicilian Clementine, and orange; spiciness, like three types of ginger and thyme; and a combination of amber, lavender, and jasmine.

Which fathers in your life would you buy cologne for?

Image used with permission from 99Perfume.com

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